Whether you're coming from New Waterford Cape Breton, or small town Ontario, these are 10 things that will happen to you when moving from a small town to the “big” city of Halifax. Moving to a new place can be difficult, but being surrounded by the ocean and having everything a short walk away can make Halifax the best move you've ever made. And who knows - you may not want to leave.

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1. The realization that it is a city, just not a big one.

This is perfect for people coming from small towns across Canada because you still get the big city but with the small city feels. It's a short walk from one end of the town to another, which also means short cab...and you know what that means, less money coming out of your pocket to get places.


2. You don’t have to wait to take a trip to the city to go shopping.

Way better than the one Bluenotes or sears you were forced to shop at growing up, or when your dreams came true after making the big shopping trip of the year to a nearby city. Catching up to the 6ix, Hali now has two renovated shopping malls with all of your favorite top brands which includes forever 21, Micheal Kors, Apple Store and many more. So you may want to prepare yourself for some spending guilt.


3. Public Transportation will become part of your routine.

Sounds lame, but may end up being your saving grace if you need to go downtown. Busses run all day around the city and outer parts-therefore you not needing to know how to parallel park. Also sometimes it's just fun to go on a ride on the ferry across the Harbour because it's there.


4. You'll discover the arts and music scene.

For a small city, we’ve got big creativity...plus NSCAD so that helps. The art gallery is located in downtown Halifax and is constantly showing new exhibits. You can catch some Writers Circles at the Casino and if you’re lucky enough...you’ll see Signal Hill chilling at the Lower Deck after a show.


5. You'll realize the public library is actually a cool hangout.

It’s not hard to spot the library downtown due to the pure awesomeness of the architecture. This is a great place to hang out, read a book, study or grab a coffee at the local cafe Pavia...and unlike the small town just-got-a-new-computer public libraries this one is completely Instagram worthy inside and out.


6. Land a cool job.

Used to work at the only Tims in your town? Well, in addition to a bunch of Tim Hortons to apply at, there's lots of jobs available in Halifax. Whether it's for a small business or a large corporation Halifax is a great place to start building on your career.

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7. International food selection will become one of the languages you speak.

Pho, happy hour at Wasabi House, donairs, shwarma, Willy’s-versus-Smokes poutine, pizza, burgers, greek, seafood, pasta...Halifax has got you covered for breakfast, brunch, supper, after supper snack and drunk food, the only problem is you have to choose which kind of food you want.

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8. Stumble upon a few parties.

In a city with 5 Universities, there is no shortage of fun. There are parties and events every weekend (some themed) to attend to your heart's desire. More of a bar person? Well we’ve also got bars...actually the most bars-per-people ratio in Canada, and most of them are on one block.

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9. You’re going to make tons of friends

Halifax is home to people from all walks of life and whether you're in university or just here for the fun, there's a ton of social clubs to join from athletics to tea parties. So there's no lack of friends to meet because somewhere in Halifax there is a group for you. Halifax is also known to be one of the nicest cities in Canada, so when someone opens a door for you or a random asks you how your day was...you never know, they could be your next bestie (or a creep- but let's hope not).

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10. You're going to miss home.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how many skype calls you make, you’re probably going to miss home. Moving from a small town to a city isn't always easy... but at least you will have things to do, people to see, stuff to eat and this will all make it a little bit easier.

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