With so many amazing beaches located all throughout Nova Scotia, a devoted surfing community has unsurprisingly formed here.  Many of the beaches listed below have surf shops nearby, run by enthusiasts who will be happy to offer you lessons and rent out gear suitable to your ability.

A lot of the beaches we included are popular provincial parks that you’ve likely hiked through before, while others are slightly more secluded.  Either way, you should try and catch some waves at all eleven this fall!

It’s important to note that you should always check surfing conditions before getting out on the water!


1. Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park

Just 25 minutes away from Halifax, Lawrencetown is the perfect day trip for surfers living in the city.  This south-facing beach is visited by surfers from all over the world and is a popular spot for beginners, as well as more advanced surfing enthusiasts.  The East Coast Surf School, Kannon Beach Wind & Surf, and Happy Dudes Surf Emporium are all nearby if you need gear or lessons!


2. Point Michaud Beach Provincial Park

This 3 km sandy Cape Breton Island beach just outside Point Michaud is most easily surfed at low tide, and has some cold waters so make sure to wear a winter wetsuit!  Board rentals are super cheap in the area, and every year the Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic competition takes place here. It’s a three-day event featuring surf competitions, races, live music, campfires, BBQ, and more!


3. Martinique Beach Provincial Park

One of the most popular beaches to surf in Nova Scotia, Martinique Beach is only an hours drive from Halifax, making it another ideal spot for day trips.  Near Musquodoboit Harbour, Martinique Beach is technically the longest stretch of beach in Nova Scotia, with surfable conditions all year round.  Close by you’ll find another Happy Dudes Surf Emporium, where boards can be rented on the cheap.


4. Summerville Beach Provincial Park

Located two hours outside of Halifax on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, this scenic 1 km stretch of white, sandy beach is backed by a winding set of dunes and an open salt marsh.  August through November is the best time to surf here, as that’s when hurricane conditions really pick up. However, many hardcore surfing fans continue to shred here all throughout the winter.


5. White Point Beach

Home to the popular White Point Beach Resort, this sandy expanse is popular amongst boaters, swimmers and surfers alike.  For any rental needs hit up the nearby Rossignol Surf Shop Boathouse, or take lessons at the Resort!


6. Cow Bay

Only a half hour drive outside of Halifax and situated on the Eastern Shore, this rarely crowded beach is an exposed reef and point break that has very reliable surfing conditions during all seasons.  Whip over for a day next time the weather is nice!


7. Rainbow Haven Beach Provincial Park

Also located within the HRM and just 8 km from Cow Bay, this Cole Harbour beach is free of rocks and has some really shallow waters.  The tides can be difficult to track for surfers versus the easy waters of Cow Bay, and the water itself can be chilly.

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8. Minutes Beach

This hidden East Shore gem tends to receive a mix of groundswells and windswells - the ideal swell direction being from the east-southeast. The quality of the surf isn't affected by the tide, making it enjoyable during all times of the day. When the waves are working here it can become crowded – surfers should beware of rip tides and rocks.


9. Osborne Harbour

Also located near Cow Bay, this local Shelburne surfing spot experiences its finest conditions around mid tide – for that reason it can become very busy, and it’s important that surfers keep an eye out for hazards.


10. Ingonish Beach

Located on Cape Breton Island – an area that has only recently become more well known for its amazing surf – Ingonish beach is an exposed beach break that only works out once in a while with no particular seasonal pattern.  If you’re lucky enough to catch good conditions here it can be a blast!


11. Seaforth Point

This community technically falls within the HRM, and is only an hours drive from Dartmouth – mix up your next surfing trip and drive over here to try something new.  Conditions at Seaforth Point are difficult and likely only manageable for experienced surfers.  It’s definitely worth checking out this hidden region!

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