If you haven't realized, Halifax has a pretty big population of university students for such a small area. School can take up a big chunk of your time and mostly money (seriously thinking of moving to Germany because of the money part) but there are students out there that still find time to do amazing things. Makes you wonder how much RedBull they drink...seriously, must be a ton.

It’s unfortunate we couldn't pick them all, but here are eleven standout students that are working on some incredible projects in Halifax right now.


Rene Amit and Duan Fournier-Ash

Mount Saint Vincent University

On a mission to feed children all over the world, Rene Amit and Duan Fournier are the Atlantic fashion-philanthropists promoting Tenfed. Based out of Toronto, TenFed is a new clothing brand that provides 10 meals to kids around the world for every item sold. Upon hearing about the TenFed brand Rene and Duan started to spread the word in Halifax by selling the clothes out of their own home and are repping the initiative all over the Maritimes. Check out TenFed online at http://tenfed.org/  and keep hustling boys!


Maike Van Niekerk

Dalhousie University

I think she’s an angel sent from heaven who just doesn't wear her halo on the regular. Maike van Niekerk was named a 2017 Rhodes Scholar and it doesn’t stop there, she founded Katrin’s Karepackage (KK) an initiative that offsets travel costs for cancer patients in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and is an active advocate for Women, Youth and the Homeless….like I said where’s the halo at??


Mitch Harrison

Saint Mary’s University

This guys linkedin is decked out from all of the cool stuff he’s done in his years at SMU. Mitch Harrison is currently a Co-President for Enactus SMU, a community of student and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Shout out to Mitch and all of the students involved with Enactus SMU, Nova Scotia appreciates you.


Callum Mireault

Nova Scotia Community College

Some would say he’s crazy for jumping in the atlantic ocean when it’s mid-december but in this case, it’s magnificent. Callum is revolutionizing underwater photography and came to Nova Scotia to do just that. He’s created cameras to capture the unknown world of the ocean and is somehow avoiding hypothermia while doing it. Check out Callum's story on the NSCC website


Shelley Macdonald

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Princess diaries in real life...almost. This NSCAD grad had the princess herself wear earrings she created by hand. Selling her hand-crafted jewelry at the Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax, as a student at NSCAD, Shelley got an unexpected bump in business after the Duchess of Cambridge wore her earrings. Ugh, why is Kate Middleton so perfect.

Aris Psaltidis

Mount Saint Vincent University

From Mexico to Canada, Aris himself is a newcomer to this place we call home . This guy is the International Student Representative at MSVU and is involved in more groups and societies than you can think of. Aris welcomes many international students to Nova Scotia and is a leader within the international community here. In a province where we welcome diversity, Aris is a key contributor in promoting Nova Scotia to the outside world!


 Avery Birch

Dalhousie University

You may have seen a guy around dal wearing the longest, funkiest coloured winter hat you’ve ever laid your eyes on. That guy is Avery Birch and he founded The Canadian Ski and Snowboard Club, a local social club that brings the ski and snowboard community together while offering trips all across Canada. So if you’re an avid skier/boarder/surfer be sure to join the inclusive community on Facebook and visit their website to keep up with their expansion across Canada.


 Kanaar Bell and Rebecca Johnson

Saint Mary's University

It's hard enough being a student athlete, let alone a student athlete that is spending their precious time volunteering and advocating for other athletes. SAMHI is the Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative which is an charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness for student athlete mental health and Kanaar and Rebecca have been telling their university what's up with match-ups. From raising awareness, to giving out resources, this SAMHI team is killing it in terms of advocacy. For more info on SAMHI SMU go follow their Instagram account! @smuhuskiesct


Connor Hirtle

Mount Saint Vincent University

If there's anyone that is doing something truly amazing, it's Connor Hirtle. Attending MSVU, The Nova Scotia Native is the pinnacle of hope and hard work. After an accident that led him to be quadriplegic in 2015, he is now inspiring thousands on his journey to be able to walk again. Go check out his GoFundMe page and his campaign #HopeforHirtle https://www.gofundme.com/hopeforhirtle

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