Living the student life is tough. All summer you work your butt off to make as much money as possible. Then school starts. Between tuition and textbooks and (let's be honest) alcohol, you pretty much have $0 left for food and fun. The little money you do have left has to be carefully budgeted - if you only buy Kraft Dinner for the next two weeks you'll have enough money to pay for cover at Pacifico. This is where student discounts swoop in for the rescue.

Bless the places that understand our struggle. Out there in Halifax are those angelic places which offer students discounts. These places make our lives a little more affordable and make us feel a little less shitty about spending money. So next time you're doing your budgeting, factor these discounts into your list:

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1. Sobey's

I'm guessing you already know about this one, but just in case... Every Tuesday this grocery store offers a 10% discount to students at check out. Make sure to bring your student card because the cashier will ask to see it.

2. Roots

Sometimes you just need a new pair of sweats to bum around in on campus. Fear not, Roots has got you covered with a 20% student discount. Just show your student card at the check out and revel in your savings all the way home.

3. Alexander Keith's Brewery

This brewery is the essence of Halifax and you should definitely get all your friends together to take the tour and drink some beer. Especially since you can do it at a discounted student rate.

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4. Moksha/Shanti Hot Yoga

Get your Om on at a discount. Both of these studios offer $2 off their drop-in price for students, as well as significant discounts on monthly memberships (you can check out their websites respectively here and here for more details).

5. Bulkbarn

Go ahead, pile those m&m's into your bag. Screw it, get all the m&m's! Because on Wednesdays Bulkbarn gives students 10% off.

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6. Season's By Atlantica

Cure that Saturday night hangover with discounted brunch at Season's By Atlantica (at Robie and Quinpool). On Sundays they offer a 15% discount to all students.

7. Lower Deck

All Halifax university students definitely know this one but for any newbies, you can get into to Lower Deck for free on Sunday nights. Just bring you student card (and your ID's, etc.).

8. Talay Thai

Speaking of food, you can get 10% off on Wednesdays at Talay Thai. Make sure to bring your student card because your server will ask for it.

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9. Halifax Mooseheads

If you're living in Halifax you have to go to at least ONE Mooseheads game. Even if you don't like hockey. The good news about this is tickets for students are only $12.

10. Maritime Bus

Most of us are going to university sans car. This makes getting around to other parts of Nova Scotia pretty difficult. However, the Maritime Bus offers 15% discount to students, so tour away!

11. Neptune Theatre

Neptune Theatre puts on some pretty cool shows that you should definitely check out. They offer student pricing, but the actual cost varies depending on time of year/seat selection.

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12. Alehouse

Okay, this isn't TECHNICALLY a student discount but I feel like all students should know this one. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, between 4:30 and 10:00, you can get a pitcher AND wings for only $14.50. Like!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonus: for any varsity team members out there you should head into the nearest lululemon ASAP and ask them about the discount they do for student athletes!

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