Whether you’re moving out east for school in September or you’re trying to decide what city you’ll visit for your next national adventure, Halifax is the perfect place to live for anyone who’s looking to explore Atlantic Canada.

Live in a city with incredible ocean views for at least a year, and you’ll quickly learn why so many of us are proud to call Halifax home.

We serve up some of the best seafood in the world

Halifax’s world class restaurants serve up some of the freshest, most delicious seafood you’ll find, including delicious scallops from Digby and fresh Atlantic lobster.  The Shore Club, Press Gang and John’s Lunch are just three seafood restaurants in the HRM that you have to try during your time here.

Nova Scotia is an incredible province to explore

Making Halifax your home base will give you the opportunity to travel all over Nova Scotia, where you’ll get the chance to discover a variety of incredible UNSECO world heritage sites and breathtaking national parks that cover our province.

There’s a huge emphasis on supporting local businesses here

If you’re looking to move out east and start a small business, or prefer supporting your community by purchasing goods made my local artisans and craftspeople, then Halifax is the perfect city for you!  The I Love Local movement is very important to our city, and places emphasis on supporting local creators versus big name corporations.

There are several incredible universities to study at in the city

Halifax is known as somewhat of a “university town,” and is home to more than 36,000 post secondary students during the school year.  Six local universities specializing in every line of study from fine arts to engineering to film making to theology, making Halifax an awesome place to pursue your undergraduate or master’s degree.

Our local music scene is world class

Whenever you go out in Halifax, there’s a chance live music will be playing!  Whether you’ve stumbled upon an open mic at The Loose Cannon or got your friends together for a Sunday night of dancing with Signal Hill at The Lower Deck, there is tons of local talent and touring artists that you’ll be able to see all over the HRM.

You’ll get a chance to live by the ocean

Everywhere you go in the Halifax, whether you’re downtown or on campus, you can catch a glimpse of giant cruise ships coming into the harbour or sailboats floating along the Northwest arm.  Take a jog through Point Pleasant Park or camp out on McNabs Island for unprecedented views of the Atlantic.

Halifax is an international hub, home to people from all over the world

Being a port city with so many amazing post secondary opportunities and tourism hot spots, Halifax attracts visitors and new residents from all over the world, making it an awesome place to meet interesting people with a variety of worldly experiences and unique perspectives

Nova Scotians are some of Canada’s kindest people

Whether you’re moving here from a different country or just need some help getting your car out of a snowbank, Nova Scotians will always be happy to provide advice and a helping hand.  Join the Facebook group We Love Nova Scotia for a chance to network and chat with over 35,000 Canadians about their love for the communities here in our province.

The nightlife in downtown Halifax is absolutely unreal

Halifax is known for having some of the most bars per capita of any city in Canada, meaning there’s a spot downtown for everyone to party at regardless of what you’re into.  We have a selection of bars and nightclubs that will appeal to all crowds and all ages, with unreal drink deals going on every day of the week.

There are so many ways to get active all over the city

Halifax is covered in green space and fitness centres perfect for staying fit and trying new workouts.  Go for a kayak in the Halifax harbour, join a yoga class or skate on the Emera Oval next time you’re looking for an athletic way to explore the city.

Each neighbourhood in the HRM is totally different

The Halifax Peninsula is technically a part of the Halifax Regional Municipality, a massive collection of communities each with different restaurants, coffee shops, book stores and famers’ markets to explore.  Take the ferry to Dartmouth or hang out at a North End café for totally different perspectives of the city.

Between all our annual festivals and events, you’ll never get bored

New residents will be thrilled to learn that Halifax has a variety of local festivals occurring every year that celebrate everything from beer to jazz to comedy and more.  Hit up the Halifax Pop Explosion if you’re here in October, and walk the city all night long at our annual Nocturne outdoor art exhibition.

It’s very affordable to live here

Whether you’re a student trying to afford rent or looking to move your family here, owning or renting a home is actually possible in Halifax, especially when you compare our housing market to those in Toronto or Vancouver. And because so much of our population is made up of by students, most of the city is really reasonably priced when it comes to paying for food, rent and house hold items.

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