Every school has its stereotypes, and the universities in Halifax are no exception. Pride and (let's face it) a little bit of arrogance about our own schools lead us to form funny, ridiculous, stereotypes about rivalling universities.

Whether you're the living embodiment of these stereotypes or the furthest thing possible from them, the fact of the matter is that you are your school - and these are the things that other people think about you because of that:

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Dalhousie University

1. Dal is full of snobs.

They tend to feel like they're better than all of the other East Coast schools.

2. Which is totally ironic.

Because the majority of students aren't even from the East Coast (looking at you, Torontonians).

3. They wear their jackets like crowns.

Some of this superiority might stem from the fact that everyone and their dog is wearing a Canada Goos jacket.

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Saint Mary's University

4. You might only know it as "Robie Street High".

SMU is barely even considered by the others as a university. More like a glorified community college, or a high school.

5. It's like 'Friday Night Lights' in there but less cool.

You'll find most of the student body either in the gym or on the football field. Grades take a back seat.

6. They don't even have class on Fridays.

SMU students get Fridays off to make sure they can get a solid three days of drinking in.


Mount Saint Vincent University

7. Eh batter, batter, swing, batter.

The student population is primarily made up of girls who bat for the other team (if you know what I mean).

8. And the guys are always striking out.

The few guys that do go to MSVU only went because they thought it would be easy to score. Turns out, it isn't.

9. It gives MSVU boys an infamous rep.

For being somewhat, ah, inadequate to put it nicely.

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University of King's College

10. They're never alone.

King's students can almost certainly be found with a cigarette in hand.

11. They all accessorize in the same way.

Just like it was necessary for all kids going to Hogwarts to buy black robes, it seems that it's also mandatory for all King's students to buy the same thick-rimmed glasses.

12. They're the MOST hipster.

If one of your King's friends is missing begin your search at the closest hipster dive bar.

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Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design

13. They're the opposite of elitist.

NSCAD is made up of all the kids that weren't posh enough to go to King's.

14. They have the power of invisibility.

Most people aren't even aware of their existence.

15. They could give Jackson Pollock a run for his money, though.

And those that are aware are pretty sure they only thing NSCADs do is paint.

Don't think these sound like you? Think I've forgotten any? Leave a comment below with your best Halifax university stereotypes.

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