This article is an acknowledgment of the very Canadian struggle that is working at Tim Hortons.  A whole country runs on the fuel of your cheap black coffee, and no one appreciates the hustle that goes into getting it ready.

Here’s to all the Tim Hortons employees across Canada who wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to get your double double with Timbits ready, who run through all the different bagel flavors without blinking when you ask, who work thanklessly to make your mornings better.

These are their daily struggles.  So go easy on them next time, and know what you want to order when you get to the front of the line.

1. When you’re working at a 24h location and drunk people come in

You half wish you were hanging out with them and half hate that they’re yelling at you about needing a double double.

2. When people complain about discontinued menu items

I’m sorry we no longer have the coffee cake from ten years ago.  No, there’s no way I can get it mailed in from another location.  No, I can’t make it from scratch for you right here right now.  Sorry.

3. When patrons insist they ordered things they didn’t

“I paid for a blueberry muffin three days ago but never got it can I have one now”

4. Getting turnt from constantly drinking the coffee

But I mean how else are you going to get through an eight hour shift *starts to tweak out.*

5. When people order a small coffee then hang out on the couches all day

Literally all day - I’ve seen people do eight hour stretches, meet up with friends, host dinner parties on the little tables with bagels and honey dip doughnuts, file their nails, organize all their belongings.

6. Not being able to understand customers on the drive through speaker

“YEAH I’ll GET THE *inaudible series of buzzing* WITH ALMOND MILK PLEASE”

7. Burning your hands on…everything

Spilled coffee, hot food, ovens…at this point you don’t even notice.

8. When people start arguments in line

You and your co-workers just roll your eyes. Someone yells “please stop” half heartedly.

9. When you forget how someone takes their coffee

Even though they just told you and now you have to ask again one second later.

10. Morning shifts.

Because there’s always someone that needs a coffee…at 4am…and I guess I have to serve them….

11. When a customer asks for a gets really ambitious and asks for a 4x4 (4 creams 4 sugars)

Want some coffee with that sir?

12. Hating the food but still eating it every day

I tell myself the food is gross but then eat BLT’s for lunch errday?

13. When people put in extremely complicated orders

This isn’t a Starbucks, I have no idea how to make a triple soy flat white where do you even see that on the menu?

14. When you have to wear a hairnet…

Not a huge struggle it’s just embarrassing to have on when friends drop by.

15. When customers complain about seasonal foods being unavailable

No you can’t have a Canada day doughnut it’s OCTOBER.

16. When a patron tries to get a refund on their coffee because it wasn’t “fresh enough”

Yet they had no problem drinking it all before asking for their money back…

17. When the owner of the local daycare centre needs a coffee

And brings 129034 children into your location.

18. When people wait in line for twenty minutes then get to the front and don’t know what they want to order

“Can I get the uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…uhhh…”

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