Living in Halifax, we're lucky to have an accessible Public Transit System that allows us to get from Dartmouth to Bedford to Sackville.  Recently a Low Income Pass Program was introduced here, making it possible for even more Haligonians to take advantage of this awesome system.

Whether you're taking a ferry across the harbor or whipping downtown on the bus, one is often reminded that the Public Transit System we have here is very...public.  With the help of first hand accounts collected from the hilarious contributors at Spotted On Halifax Transit, we put together a list of annoying things people could maybe stop doing on their daily commute.  Please.

Wearing Too Much Cologne.

“Struggling to breathe through a cracked window because some asshat decided that Axe was a shower in a can.  It's bad enough were trapped on a hot bus in construction but the fact you had to make it smell bad too..."

Eating Pungent Food.

"S/o to the woman eating bleu cheese on the 63 at 12:20 this afternoon.”

Having A Public Outburst

“Some idiot was swearing up a storm in the back after exchanging words with her friend/boyfriend.  Driver shouted from the drivers seat to to 'stop cussin' and that everyone could hear her. She shut up.”

Harassing Transit Employees

“I think in general people take for granted that public transit is not their personal transport so they tend to think they can act any way they are fit.”

Trying To Bring Beverages On The Bus

"Shout out to the woman on the 52 Burnside today who got annoyed that she couldn't bring her Tims on the bus and held us up for a good 5 mins.”

Overreacting About Late Busses

“I lost 50 pounds waiting for the 52 Bus. I got tired of waiting for buses that never showed up when they should and thought, if I'm going to be late getting home, I'm going to get some exercise out of it.”

Taking Up Two Seats

"On the 14 to Mumford guy has a huge bag taking up a seat.. tells this young girl.. well u can sit on the bag.. I have no where to put it…”

Getting Lit

“As a rule, I avoid drunk people at bus stops at all costs. Not today. Not this lady. She talked very loudly over my music towards me, and I ignored her. She then proceeded to run (read: get fingers stuck in) her hands through my hair.”

Taking Care Of Dental Hygiene

"Im on the 34 downtown Sept 2nd 838am and a woman is flossing her teeth...."

Celebrating 420

"Bus 1006 #58 to the bridge at 2:43 reeks of pot... way to stay classy Hali!"

Chewing Too Loudly

"Absolutely can't stand people who snap their gum on the bus! For 15 minutes this morning I listened to this lady snapping her gum.”

Smoking In The Terminal

"Any chance on making Mumford terminal smoke free?? I feel like I get cancer every time I have to catch a bus…”

When The Driver Grabs A Snack

"To the 2 that "broke down", thank you for not picking anyone up when you came into the Upper Water Street Terminal. I hope you enjoyed the snacks you found the time to pick up though.”

Keeping Bus Windows Shut

"What is wrong with metro transit…For the past 3 days each time I’ve gotten on the bus it’s been hot as balls no AC…please I beg you fix your AC. Pleeeeease"

Trying To Wheel

"To the guy on the 65 who asked me about my headphones: thanks for not being a scumbag after I didn't give you my number. Definitely cheered up my day."

Performing Musical Numbers

"Tip of the hat to the drunk couple on the 87 this evening singing Cher's Shoop Shoop (it's in his kiss) song. You two are awesome."


"Where is the pee smell coming from on the 1??? None of the other buses smell as bad as every single #1 bus does."

Taking Care Of Podiatry Needs

"Friday evening on the 55 departing the bridge terminal someone decided it would be a great place to trim their nails.... one it's not hygienic and two if the bus started or stopped quickly an injury could occur."

Driving Jetskis In Front Of The Ferry

"To the three people in the harbour on Jetskis: Is it really necessary to drive in front of the ferry when we are about to dock?"

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