Every city has their own way of doing things, and similarly their own way of naming things. Halifax itself is often known affectionately as Hali, Haligonia or even Halifornia, and our residents are famous for nicknaming their favorite bars, restaurants, towns and even hiking routes.

We asked around to determine the origin behind some of the most unique nicknames that have been attributed to people and places throughout the HRM, and these are the explanations we found.


1. Sprytown

The jury is still out on this one.  There is no grand reason why we call Spryfield "Sprytown" but it will forever be known as such.


2. Furtown

It's not furry, I think the people that went to Fairview Junior High just decided this was a thing and it stuck...lol.


3. Sackvegas

Sackville got its name from its fun inhabitants, ultimately landing the title "sackvegas."

4. The Lookout

Along the Bedford Highway, there is a secret place to park your car and catch a great view of the Harbour. Although most people go for more than just the view.

5. The Line

Known by people that went to Citadel High School, the place where people go to smoke 

6. The Square

Uniake Square is located between Brunswick and Gottingen and is pretty much always referred to as "The Square".

7. The Pubs

Off of Bayer's Road, this place is also called "The Ave" due to the subdivision's streets all ending in Avenue.


8. Pizza Corner

The corner of Grafton and Blowers Street, which is now officially named "Pizza Corner" on Google because it used to have pizza places on the corner of both streets, where people go after a night out. Now there's way more of a selection than just pizza, cough, cough...#TeamWilly's


9. The Dirty D

We all know the Dome is where the after party is at, but it can also be a place that isn't always in the highest regard, hence gaining the name "The Dirty D."


10. Boomers

Fun fact: it’s name is actually Mid Town Tavern, but turns into "Boomers Lounge"at night.  At this point everyone just calls it boomers because saying "lounge" at the end would be too much.

11. The Power Lines

The trail that runs from Fairview through Clayton Park and Park West to Kearney Lake. It's real name is the Mainland North Linear Parkway, but has power lines that span the whole trail, therefore adopting the title "The Power Lines"


12. Toothies

I don't think I've ever heard one of my friends say  "I'm going to The Toothy Moose". Drop the first and last word and you've got the name of our fav country night bar.


13. McDicks

This is a name used by many other places for McDonald's, but it is used by Haligonians quite a bit. Upon looking up what "McDicks" actually means, apparently it's to describes what someone who works there says about it.


14. The Dark Side

Although just as bright as Halifax, "The Dark Side" refers to Dartmouth. Not sure how people actually from Dartmouth feel about this title.


15. Robie Street High

A Nickname for Saint Mary's University because a lot of Nova Scotians who stayed here for university attend SMU, which makes it like being back in High School with all of your friends all over again...or enemies.


16. The Metro Centre

Now known as the Scotiabank Centre, but I still haven't called it that. Although it has huge red writing on the front of the building saying "Scotiabank Centre" it will take Haligonians until 2070 to stop calling it the Metro Centre.


17. Trip

The affectionate nickname for local corner store Triple A, which stands at Preston and Jubilee serving up fresh pizza until 3am for all the drunk Dal students that wander through.  They also have some delicious ice cream sandwiches!

18. Plato's Cave

Part of the Greek philosopher's famous allegory, Plato's Cave also refers here to the parking garage beside the University Of King's College where students have been relegated to smoke after a ban was placed on the campus.


19. Splitty's

Affectionately refers to The Split Crow Pub, and is also easier to slur when you're trying to tell people about your Saturday power-hour experience.

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