Living outside of downtown Halifax means you get to be a part of some beautiful communities without all the hustle and bustle of city life. But whether you’re from Hammonds Plains or Cole Harbour the journey to get downtown can sometimes be a hassle, and if you forgot your’re in for a special day.

None of us outsiders like missing out on the many wonders of living in the city, but we made our beds and now here we are, just trying to deal with having McDonalds be our only source of late night eats. Here are twenty one more struggles of living slightly outside downtown Halifax.

1. The costly cab ride to downtown

No one likes cabbing, Halifax doesn’t have Uber and if you're not in the downtown’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to get DT for your night out.


Fear of missing out is real and it’s there when you aren't in Hali for all of the big events, or just to feel part of the awesome city.

3. You can’t just walk to the market on a Saturday morning

It has to be a whole planned trip.

4. Cool brunch spots are hard to find

Unless you just want to go to Smitty’s or Cora’s.

5. You can't just stop in and grab a coffee somewhere close

You're driving to a Tim's...for sure bud.

6. You always settle for McDonalds

There's no other fast food places around, especially late at night.

7. You're familiar with the phrase “Oh, I haven't been there yet”

Because the cool new bar that just opened downtown takes you 30 minutes to get to, so you haven’t been there, or planned on going.

8. Not as many Tinder matches...sigh

9. No close yoga classes

10. If you go to school in the city you chose your own fate by living at home and having to commute everyday

11. You can't have parties

Because none of your friends in the city will come.

12. You can't go jogging at night on the nice lit-up boardwalk

Because the only places you have around you are dark trails….nope.

13. There's only one Goodlife around

And that really annoying person you hate goes there but it’s your only option.

14. It's easier for your parents to stop by whenever

But if it’s to bring food that's okay.

15. You don’t know how to park downtown

But yet you still form a plan on how and where you’re going to park, never completing it successfully.

16. You have to eat in the car

Because it takes you longer to get places.

17. You also lowkey live in your car

18. You cant just wake up 10 minutes before work/school and make it just on time

19. You always end up going into town to meet someone

Because you actually want to go into the city but also because you know they aren't going to come to you.

20. You always have a pack ready with your food, gym clothes...

...books, snacks and whatever else you need for the day, because there's no quick trip home to grab the thing you forgot.

21. You have to pack a rain jacket wherever you go

Because when you leave it's sunny but your long commute isn’t going to be fun when the weather does a 180 on you and it's a torrential downpour.

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