A lot of people think it's crazy when someone from a big city makes the decision to either go to school or move to a smaller city. But there are honestly so many benefits to living in a smaller city. For one, being able to walk pretty much anywhere in around 30 minutes is a saving grace! Plus the hustle and bustle of the city can be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people, so having a break from that is always refreshing.

Adjusting to life in Halifax isn't hard, but it sure is different. There are some things about this city that are just strange, but in the best way possible. The fact that people here celebrate Alexander Keith's birthday like they knew the guy personally is just one of the funniest, yet most admirable, things about the city. The East Coast lifestyle is truly one of a kind!

1. Cars stopping to let you cross the road, even when you're not at a crosswalk

When you live in a big city, you're more likely to get hit by a car even if you're at a crosswalk. But in Halifax, cars literally stop in the middle of the street to let you jaywalk.  

2. Time moves so much slower

When I first moved to Halifax, I was l shocked by how slowly it felt like time moved. 

3. The people are so nice

Maybe even too nice. They must have some ulterior motive...

4. When people refer to Halifax as a Big City


5. Not having a subway system

It would be acceptable if the buses weren't so scarce.

6. Everything is close enough to walk to

When you live in a big city, walking from one major intersection to the next can seem like a lifetime. In Halifax, everything is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

7. Going to a bar and seeing pretty much everyone in your graduating year

This is one of the strangest things to get used to. Coming from a big city, and having multiple options for places to go out means that you can go weeks without running into someone you know.

8. When people get mad at you for calling Halifax small... 

Around 410,000 people live in the HRM, while 2.8 million live in Toronto... So, don't kill me for saying it's small. 

9. Why are there so many post-secondary institutions in such a small city?

St. Mary's University and Dalhousie pretty much share the same postal code.

10. Where are the brick houses?

Yeah, sure, the houses are colorful and cute out East, but why are we hating on bricks?

11. The bus drivers are actually nice enough to wait for you 

Considering how infrequent the buses come, it's always great when the bus driver acknowledges your mad dash to catch it.

12. Grocery store student discounts

Wow, it's so nice that the city understands the "poor student life." This would never fly in a big city.

13. Why can't you bring an open beverage on the bus?

Not even my morning coffee? Someone must have really messed up for that rule to be a thing.

14. Halifornia?

Ummm, who came up with that? 

15. Why do people willingly wake up early on the weekends to go to the Farmers Market?

It must be a small-city thing because weekends are for sleeping in!

16. Seeing the same stranger three times in one day

Don't worry, it's not destiny telling you that this stranger is meant to be in your life. It's just that the city is small.

17. When people yell "thank you" from the back of the bus to the driver

In big cities, you can barely even get people to say "thank you" when they leave through the front doors.

18. Why do people LOVE beer so much here?

If you didn't like it before, you'll learn to live for it in a few months.

19. How does everyone know this "Barrett's Privateers" song?

Am I missing something? Is this the Halifax anthem?

20. Burger Week?

Someone give a medal to the genius who got all the restaurants in Halifax on board with this epicness.

21.  Is the Dome really home? 

It might not be anymore with this new dress code. Since when is a plain white tee unacceptable?

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