With a new school year just beginning it may seem as if graduation is far off in the distant future. Right now you're probably just focused on the struggle of midterms and balancing an insane course load.  But your time at SMU is going to go by in the blink of an eye - take it from me - and when it's over, all you'll remember are the good times.

We decided to put a list of things together that all SMUdents need to try before their University career comes to an end. Regardless of whether you're a freshmen undergrad or a masters student, take some time to check these twenty seven things off your bucket list before leaving SMU forever.

1. Take a class in the McNally auditorium

It really doesn't matter what class you take, it's just nice to get the full auditorium experience, like something out of a movie.

2. Go to The Dome

Going to the Dome is a major part of the Halifax University experience. We all love the Dome, and we all hate the Dome. You really won't get it until you've been to the Dome.

3. Make it through an entire class without ever buying the textbook

I'm not going to lie, this one might not be great for your GPA.

4. Visit the observatory

SMU has an observatory right on top of the Loyola residence, so you've got no excuse to skip seeing it.

5. Drunkenly wait in line to get poutine at Smoke's Poutinerie

6. Outwit a professor

You haven't live until you've smugly corrected a professor about something.

7. If you live on campus, go to trivia at The Gorsebrook 

At this point we're all nerds anyway, so no one can judge you for knowing just a bit too much about Lord of the Rings.

8. Book at study room in the library, then use it to nap

They're empty most of the time anyway.

9. Suffer through an 8:30am class

Then immediately swear off 8:30am classes for life, and go out of your way to avoid them.

10.Visit Dartmouth

Take the ferry, check out the downtown area and that one cafe owned by Joel Plaskett.

11. Find the perfect washroom to use between classes

I'd offer you some tips, but it really is a personal and spiritual journey towards finding a place where you can go to the washroom in peace, without anyone hearing your poop noises.

12. Race against the clock to eat at Darrell's during a free period

It won't be easy, but it's worth it for the chance to order a hamburger that has chicken as a topping.

13. Go to karaoke at Oasis

If you're drunk enough, try singing.

14. Take a day trip to Peggy's Cove

I mean, you're in Nova Scotia right? You may as well.

15. Do the Explore program

It's not just for nerds and the overly keen, the Explore French language immersion program is actually a pretty great way to earn credits while going on a free trip to another part of the country. Also you can learn French while doing it, but that's kind of a secondary thing.

16. Rig up a sweet fourth year schedule

Nothing beats rolling out of bed no earlier than noon and having a single class for the day.

17. Get hooked on donair

It's Halifax's native food and we will fight anyone who says otherwise, so you've got to at least try it while you're here. Hopefully you really like it and can never find it outside of Halifax, forcing you to stay here and stimulate the local economy.

18. Go to a Mooseheads game

The Scotiabank Centre is right there after all, and live sports are a great chance for you and your friends to be obnoxious.

19. Have a normal conversation with a professor

Nothing lets you know that you've arrived as an intelligent adult quite like having a conversation with a professor that doesn't leave you feeling like a stupid kid. Of course, you'll need to no longer be a stupid kid in order to do this successfully.

20. Make it through choosing a major without completely falling apart

Any more than three weeping existential crises is probably a bit much though, and you should consider seeking out one of SMU's qualified counsellors.

21. Go to class after staying up all night

Maybe you were studying, maybe you were drinking, either way you'll feel like garbage, but it's an experience you simply must have.

22. Walk across the stage in front of all your friends and family

Don't trip. I repeat, do not trip. If you trip, technically they don't have to give you your diploma.

23. Take one last triumphant selfie

Having passed through the myriad trials between you and graduation, be they exams, late night crams sessions, drunken escapades, or existential crises, you've earned at least one selfie. Take it if only to annoy anyone crusty enough to still have a problem with selfies.

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