Halifax university students contribute a lot to the local economy. They buy 50% of the coffee in Halifax, employ everyone that works in a bar downtown and ultimately they’re the reason why the government makes so much money off parking tickets.

Students make up a massive chunk of Halifax's population and flock here from all over the world to earn a top notch education while soaking up the East Coast Lifestyle.  Here are the stereotypes we believe may or may not be true about all the university students living here in Halifax.

1. They all wear Blundstones.

2. Many are hipsters from Ontario.

3. They spend more of their money on alcohol than books.

4. They hate it when you walk slow in front of them through the halls.

5. They will fight you for a parking spot.

6. Not a lot of reading gets done over reading week.

7. When they use their laptops in class, it’s not for class.

8. If you play for a Varsity Team you’re considered famous.

9. The only thing they know about the Mount is that there are no boys.

10. They drink every weekend, at the exact same places because they have FOMO if they try something different.

11. No one really knows anyone that goes to King's except for the Journalism Students.

12. The university library is a perfect place to cry.

13. They always say they want to go to the Farmers' Market on a Saturday morning but they are always too hungover to actually go.

14. If you can count to two you can go to SMU.

15. Nova Scotian students automatically assume that if you don’t hold the door open for them that you’re from Ontario.

16. They’ve captioned one of their Instagram pictures “Dome is Home”.

17. They’ve gone to Wasabi House at least once, and have been in awe of the free rolls.

18. They can’t go to the library without putting up a snap story of how “productive” they’re being.

19. They love the bus system but will always complain about it.

20. They love it when people grunt while working out at the SMU gym.

21. They’ve partied at STFX and/or Acadia for a weekend and will never let people forget it.

22. They've said the phrase "University is actually hard".

23. They think they run the world if they get into a bar/club through a VIP line downtown.

24. They consider Starbucks a food group.

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