Every September over forty thousand rowdy University students from all over the world return to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the beginning of a new school year. A mixture of maritime locals and tourists from abroad gravitate here year-round to soak up the city’s relaxed, coastal vibe.

You'll notice that things are a little bit more relaxed here: the people are friendly, the ocean views are spectacular, and there's always something to do.  Whether you’re moving to Halifax long term or stopping through to finish a degree, here are a few of the (awesome) maritime traditions you’ll find yourself adopting upon arrival.

1.  You’ll declare a Poutine allegiance.

Willy’s or Smokes?  There can be no compromise.

2. You’ll make fun of people from Toronto.

Even if you’re from Toronto, you’ll quickly turn on your own kind in an effort to fit in.

3. You’ll spot a cast member from Trailer Park Boys.

And often they'll be down for a selfie.

4. You’ll love living by the ocean.

Check out Conrad's Beach or Crystal Crescent, both less than a half hour drive outside the HRM.

5. You’ll find that every night there’s somewhere to drink.

Every single night you'll be able to find at least one bar with an awesome drink deal happening.

6. You’ll take a class or six.

There are seven post-secondary institutions located throughout Halifax that brings tens of thousands of students to the city.

7. You’ll try and climb The Wave.

A giant blue sculpture on the Halifax Harbour Front that doubles as a slide.

8. You’ll take in some awesome live music.

Halifax is home to many talented local bands, and big names are always stopping through on tour.

9. You’ll laugh at the Halifax Harbour Guided Segway Tours.

You’re allowed to make fun of tourists, you live here now.

10. You’ll climb Citadel Hill.

Head up to the summit and take in a beautiful view of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

11. You’ll get lost in Point Pleasant Park.

There are lots of amazing ocean views and deserted forts to check out in this sprawling south end park.

12. You’ll grocery shop on Tuesdays.

Students get 10% off groceries at all Superstore locations every Tuesday!

13. You’ll spend too much time at the library.

If you’re tired of studying on campus, check the beautiful new Halifax Public Library at Spring Garden and Barrington!

14. You’ll line up for Power Hour.

Reach Split Crow on Saturday afternoons at 4:30pm for their legendary $2.50 beer!

15. You’ll get ticketed for not wearing a helmet.

Riding your bike or skateboard without a helmet is considered a ticket-able offence in the HRM.

16. You’ll party in someone’s kitchen.

They're called "kitchen parties" because they're parties that happen in kitchens...its a maritime thing.

17. You’ll sing along with Signal Hill.

Catch their live performance at The Lower Deck every Sunday night.

18. You’ll travel all through Nova Scotia.

Try hiking the Cabot Trail, or go camping on McNabs Island.

19. You’ll shop local.

Haligonians place a huge importance on supporting local small business’ – buy local if you can!

20. You’ll make decisions you regret at Taboo/Cheers/Dome.

Three very different bars with very different crowds partying in the same building.  It's always a good time.

21. You’ll catch a Mooseheads Game.

Halifax’s own Major Junior team will play their season opener September 24th at the Scotiabank Centre.

22. You’ll ride the ferry to Dartmouth.

Take a ride across the harbour to explore Halifax’s sister city.

23. You’ll order late night eats from Xtreme Pizza.

And just about everywhere else.

24. You’ll celebrate the birthday of Alexander Keith.

Every October 5th Halifax raises a glass to one of its most famous brewmasters, Alexander Keith himself.  Visit his grave at the Camp Hill cemetery, and pour one out in his honour.

25. You’ll eat the best seafood in the country.

I'm sure everyone you've spoken to about moving to Halifax has made a joke about you becoming a fisherman, but the seafood out here is actually unreal.

26. You’ll go to the farmer’s market hungover.

The beautiful Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market is most popular on Saturday mornings at about 7:00am, so shake off Friday night and get down there early or else all the good produce will be gone!

27. You’ll meet people from all over the world.

Between the international students studying at Halifax's multiple universities and tourists flooding the city all year round, you'll meet some pretty interesting people.

28. You’ll sample everything Pizza Corner has to offer.

A certifiable Halifax landmark, Pizza Corner at Blowers and Grafton has multiple fast food options to fulfill all your poutine, donair and pizza needs.

29. You’ll learn all the words to Farewell To Nova Scotia

Not that there's any reason to leave ?

30. You’ll become a better person

Nova Scotians are the most polite people in the world, and after spending a few weeks here in Halifax you'll notice how much kinder you become.

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