Cape Bretoners make every situation more interesting, whether it's because of their awesome Newfie-sounding accents or their crazy kitchen parties, Nova Scotia would be nothing without them. Cape Breton is known around the world for it's celtic culture, beautiful scenery and the great Cabot Trail, but what a lot of people don't know is that it's home to some of the nicest people on the planet.

It's heart is big and it's Tim Hortons are always busy... especially in St. Peter's. Nothing compares to growing up in Cape Breton so we thought we'd get some answers about what it really means to be born and bred an Islander.

1. You think the Capri is the best/worst place in the world

2. You knew Frankie, the weather guy, before he was famous

3. Having to stay in on the weekends because Pogey didn't come in yet

4. The Cream Putt closing was the worst day of your life

5. It's not a good night out until the Mull River Shuffle plays at the bar

6. Having to go back to school shopping in Halifax

7. A cigarette and a coffee is considered a balanced meal to some

8. You know everyone on the cover of Frank Magazine

9. Drinking is an event in itself

10. No one actually knows if there’s more tea drinkers than coffee drinkers

We just know a lot of both is consumed.

11. You’ve stayed at a hotel 10 minutes away from your house to feel “fancy”

12. You still call Cape Breton University “The College”

Or at least your parents/grandparents do.

13. You know when someone says I “roared” they’re just laughing not pretending to be a lion

14. You have at least one “one time at the Capri” story

15. You’ve driven all the way to Mira for liquor on a holiday

16. You’ve gotten into a heated debate about which town has the best pizza

17. Miners Museum field trips we're an essential part of your education growing up

18. Hearing about the golden days when Herman’s was still open

19. The definition of a “fancy date” is going to Boston Pizza and a movie

20. Boiled dinner is considered “gourmet”

21. Your pantry has enough food to get you through an apocalypse

22. Coming home to Jigg’s dinner after church on sunday

23. Your dad still goes to Tim's in snowstorms

24. People ask "where are you from?" as soon as they hear your accent

25. You always want to know who someones father or mother is to see if you're related

26. When you move away you have to put a Cape Breton flag somewhere in our new place

Usually in the window so everyone can see it.

27. You’ve owned a Honda Civic or a lifted truck

28. Every party is a kitchen party

29. Your grandparents always have tea biscuits on hand

30. You have a connection to everyone on the Island in some way

31. You refer to the rest of Nova Scotia as "The Mainland"

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