Every holiday season, it’s the same routine. You ask your man what he wants for his gift and he’s all, “I don’t need anything,” or, “I already have everything.” Every guy thinks that by not asking for a gift, they’re making it easier for us, but we know that’s not the case. This year, let’s change that. Skip the fruitless questioning and head straight to this list to get some inspiration on gifts that are sure to convince him that he’s the luckiest man in the world. If he doesn’t already think so, anyway.

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1. Concert tickets

If your boyfriend is a music lover, there is no better gift than tickets to his favourite band’s concert. If he’s more of a sports fanatic, season tickets to his game of choice are another great option.

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2. Scrapbook of your adventures

This is a really personal and creative way to immortalize your memories together. Grab your scissors, stickers, colored pens and your favourite pictures of you two and get crazy with little notes and doodles. Bonus: it doesn’t cost anything!

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3. Axe throwing class

If your boyfriend is the type of guy who loves to assert his masculinity, get him an axe throwing class! Not only is this a really fun way to release tension, it’s also great exercise and a great way to bond with your man.

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4. Sturdy new bag

If he’s anything like every man I’ve ever seen, your boyfriend probably has a bag that’s either falling apart at the seams, or simply non-existent. Same goes for his wallet. A stylish new bag, like this one from Roots, is both a necessity and a luxury that he will appreciate more than you know.

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5. Fitbit

For all the sporty boyfriends out there, you can’t go wrong with a Fitbit. It counts your steps, can be synched with your phone, tells the time and has so many other features. Plus, with so many different styles available, you’ll have no trouble choosing one that will fit your man’s look and personality.

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6. Shaving kit

If your boyfriend is a little on the scruffy side, a nice new shaving kit is a great gift. He’ll feel extra classy and he’ll finally have those smooth cheeks you always dreamed he would have.

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7. Fancy dinner

He is your boyfriend, after all, so chances are what he really wants this holiday season is to spend time with you. Take him out to a nice restaurant and treat him to a nice, romantic dinner, because he will cherish the time spent with you more than any material gift in the world.

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