Every New Year starts the same: over Christmas dinner you resolve that this year will usher in a new, active you.  You plan out in your head all the badass fitness classes you’re going to try, and even start googling local jogging routes.

Make your resolution a reality this year, and sign up for one of the intense Halifax fitness classes we’ve listed below.  Once you sign up you’ll be forced to go, and before you know it you’ll be feeling amazing and reeling in the compliments.


1. Hot Yoga at Shanti

Stay warm all winter with a membership to Shanti Hot Yoga, and get your sweat on with their diverse range of classes for beginners and advanced yoga professionals.  With three locations throughout the HRM, Shanti Yoga is an awesome place to improve your practice with Vinyasa, Morning Flow and Yin Yoga classes.  Check their schedule here to find out when classes are running, and grab your 30 day membership online for just $49.


2. Zumba with BobKat Group Fitness

Get fit the fun way with a Zumba dance class on Oxford Street.  It doesn’t matter how much dance experience you have – if you’re looking for an awesome cardio workout and don’t mind getting super sweaty, then this upbeat class is perfect for you.  Get started with Bobi and Kat's drop in classes for only $10 - check the schedule out here!

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3. Kickboxing at Yang’s Martial Arts Centre

Buck up with Yang’s Martial Arts Centre at their awesome kickboxing fitness class.  Sign up for their bootcamp and release some stress at the end of a long day by incorporating Muay Thai and cardio workout techniques for an insane one-hour session.

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4. Spin class at Cyclone Group Fitness

If the weather is holding you back from your typical cycling habits, sign up for a class with Cyclone Group Fitness and get back into the summer ways!  This modern Barrington Street workout studio offers 45, 55 and 80-minute Spin classes, in addition to kettlebell, yoga and barre classes. Sign up for a month long membership here.

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5. Ariel Fitness at Studio In Essence

Try something different at Studio In Essence with their 8-week Aerial Silks class.  Whenever you go to the circus (which is often?) those people who are sliding down from the ceiling on pieces of colorful fabric are doing aerial silks – that could be you!  For only $139 you can become a silks pro, and while you’re at Studio in Essence try their trapeze and aerial hoop classes as well for the full circus experience.

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6. Crossfit at Crossfit Halifax

If you’re looking for a way to jump on the Crossfit craze take an introductory four-part class with Crossfit Halifax.  This kinetic workout will teach you teambuilding skills and self confidence by building your muscles in a super intense, fun way!  Fill out the short questionnaire here and find out when you’re going to join up with the Crossfit team.

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7. Aquafit at the Dalplex

Next time you’re trying to find an alternative to the Dalplex weight room try an aquafit in their massive swimming pool!  The Dalplex has a ton of cool fitness classes available for students and members to try – do something different and cool down with a water workout.

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