Ok magical is a strong word but the green spaces we’ve put together in this article are pretty incredible spots that everyone in the province should visit at least once this spring.  Many of these gardens are within driving distance of Halifax, and all eight are worth exploring as the weather gets warmer.

Bring your camera and some hiking gear before taking in all the phenomenal green spaces we've listed below!

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Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Considered one of the "Top 5 North American Gardens Worth Travelling For", this 17-acre horticultural creation is divided up into different sections that tell the story of Nova Scotia from an agricultural perspective.  Visitors have the chance to walk through historically themed areas like The Pine Forest, The Governor’s Garden and many more.

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Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum Gardens

Just a short distance outside Dartmouth lies The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm, an agricultural museum and historical site that is covered in beautiful plots of heritage plants rescued from old farms and vegetables grown for lunches that can be enjoyed by visiting guests.  Enjoy the wildflowers, shrubs, trees and wetlands that cover the site of this suburban retreat when they open in mid-May.

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Tangled Garden

Drive out to Grand Pre and explore this garden maze that covers about four acres of land, decorated with garden rooms and offering incredible views of the surrounding Minas Basin.  Beverly McClare harvests fruit and herbs from the garden to create delicious herb jellies, liquors and ice cream for visitors to try.

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Kejimkujik National Park

One of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful National Historic Sites, Keji National Park is home to not just one, but two butterfly gardens that guests can visit for a chance to learn about gardening techniques that will attract lots of butterfly visitors to your local green space.

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Halifax Public Gardens

As a result of the awesome weather we’ve been getting lately, the Halifax Public Gardens recently opened – take a walk through next time you’re crossing the city to make your daily commute a little more beautiful.

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Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus

Students in the landscape horticulture program at Dalhousie’s Truro campus are lucky enough to have access to this 60-hectare botanical garden, which is open to the public and features a 2.1km walking trail surrounded by trees, ferns, a rock garden, beautiful courtyards and a variety of farm crops.

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Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens

Acadia’s six-acre botanical garden system is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Nova Scotia, with a massive glass greenhouse that visitors can explore all year around.  The garden was built in 2002 and aims to create an environment where flora native to the Acadian Forest Region can be observed.

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