Everyone likes to belong, and societies and clubs are a great way to do that at university. They can help speed you along from a nervous first year with a printed out class schedule to the jaded, hungover superstar that you deserve to be. They also look pretty good on a resume, but this article isn't about dressing about your resume, it's about choosing a really cool society to hang out with. 

For that reason, we've put together a rundown of some of the clubs and societies that all cool and happening SMUdents should at least consider joining. If you do actually find yourself interested, the above link has all of the relevant contact info for these groups.

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1. The Philosophy Society

A society that's presumably all about get wasted and talking about, like, life, man.  Plus it's the one society where it would be thematically appropriate to throw a toga party, in the style of the ancient Greeks.  If everyone reading this article joined the society you could, through the tyranny of the majority, make them throw that toga party.

2. The English Society

Societies based on majors, like the English Society, all sound pretty nerdy, but the truth is that most of them are really more focused on socializing than studying. NoT to mention, the advantage of joining a larger society like this is that it's actually not a huge time commitment, you're basically just signing up to go to a couple of free events throughout the year.

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3. The Photography Society

You could really up your Instagram game this way, while becoming a person who talks and cares about stuff like shutter speed and exposure. Everyone loves that guy, right?

4. The Conflict Resolution Society

This has to be a fight club, right? I mean, what else could it possibly be? My money is on it being either a fight club or, equally possible, some sort of gang.

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5. The Model UN Society

I don't know anything about how Model UN's work, but hear me out. First of all, the Model UN is one of those societies which can actually look good on a resume, and if my baseless assumptions are correct, this is a society that's basically a large scale and extremely nerdy game of Dungeons and Dragons. If I'm wrong, getting thrown out of the Model UN for trying to invade Australia is a pretty great story.

6. Enactus

This article isn't about dressing up your resume, but it's still never a bad idea to do so. If you're up for the task, and can figure out what Enactus actually does, you too could be one of the enthusiastic and dedicated students who makes everyone else roll their eyes.

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7. The Board Game Society

Board games are big now, look how much people love The Board Room, but they're still less mainstream than videogames, meaning this is the ideal balance for an accessible but dedicated society. Also, you've got a decent shot at being the coolest person there, which is always nice.

8. A Secret Society

These societies are all pretty cool, but let's be real, the best kind of club or society is a secret one, like the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, or the Mouseketeers. Get into one of these and you're set for life, if only thanks to blackmail material. Getting in could be a big a challenge though, so my suggestion is to quietly follow any procession of robed figures which you happen to see, and if you don't wind up as a human sacrifice, you're in.

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