The people of Nova Scotia are famous for being super kind and helpful, and we proudly maintain the Canadian stereotype of “extreme niceness” in our every day lives.  It’s gotten to the point where police have had to urge drivers not to be so nice, as constantly stopping for pedestrians has lead to a few fender benders!

Seeing as Nova Scotia is so well behaved, it’s hilarious to imagine what circumstances have lead to the creation of this eight wacky laws.  But nevertheless, all the rules listed below are technically enforceable by law!  So next time you think about letting the grass on your boulevard get unruly, think again…

1. Halifax taxi drivers are technically not allowed to wear a t-shirt

According to the HRM’s bylaws for taxi and limousine drivers, it is forbidden to wear a t-shirt, and drivers must always be wearing socks and shoes (which seems totally reasonable).

2. It is against the law to unhinge someone’s front gate in Wolfville

I’ve been telling people this for years, but they just nod absentmindedly while continuing to unhinge my front gate.

3. Wolfville also has a law which states that all those under the age of 15 must be off the street by 9pm

This law has not been enforced since the 1980’s because Wolfville is too badass and doesn’t want to cramp the style of their youth.

4. Selling or advertising artificially colored baby chicks is fully illegal in Nova Scotia

It’s not illegal to paint the chicks, mind you, it’s just illegal for you to sell them afterwards.

5. Halifax law states that the grass in front of your house between the road and sidewalk can’t be longer than 6 inches

You can also be sure the police will come around with a measuring stick to double check, so don’t let your guard down even for a second.

6. Both Toronto and Halifax have laws in place that forbid spying on people in city parks

Just in case you were ever in doubt, now you know for a FACT that spying is very uncool.

7. Glace Bay law stipulates that all cyclists must carry a kerosene lantern while biking

And you thought Halifax’s helmet law was strict.

8.  In Canada it is illegal to challenge someone to a duel or accept an invitation to a duel

So hopefully reminding you guys about this law will finally end Nova Scotia's duelling epidemic.

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