With an entire generation of young people seeking love online, it’s commendable that a brave few continue to try and wheel IRL in the tradition of our ancestors.

 Should you forgo the anonymity of Tinder and get up the courage to try and approach a guy at one of the following Halifax bars, here are the answers you can expect from him in response to your opening questions.


Age: 21-29

Occupation: Works in marketing but knows he’ll be a professional DJ one day.

Hobbies: Mixing dope playlists, getting lit, and posting #progression pictures on Instagram.

Looking for: Someone 4/20 friendly who supports his passion for creating sick beats.

Photo cred - topsociiety

The Dome

Age: 19-45

Occupation: Good question.

Hobbies: Approaching female patrons from behind and initiating a slow grind with no warning.

Looking for: It would seem like everyone and no one all at the same time.

The Grawood

Age: 19-23

Occupation: First Year Commerce Student.

Hobbies: Not going to class and just reading the PowerPoint later, coming up with awesome ideas for apps, mourning the death of Harambe online.

Looking for: Someone who will consistently be down to just chill at his house because he can’t go out that much, he’s on a student budget.


Age: 25-40

Occupation: Online Poker Enthusiast.

Hobbies: Knowing what game is on later, loitering, and billiards.

Looking for: Someone who shares his outlook on Canada’s liberal government (not positive).

Reflections Cabaret

Age: 20-35

Occupation: Media Relations Coordinator for an independent zine.

Hobbies: Keeping an organized Pinterest account and staying on top of celebrity goings on.

Looking for: Other men.


Age: 28-45

Occupation: Restauranteur.

Hobbies: Buying people cigars as a gift, saying things like “oaky” when referring to the taste of wine, and saving up for a corvette.

Looking for: A woman much younger than himself who can pretend she enjoys it when he takes her to Taboo.

Photo cred - weheartit

The Toothy Moose

Age: 19-30

Occupation: Minor League Hockey Player

Hobbies: Getting swole, staying caught up with Game of Thrones, spending time with friends and family

Looking for: A nice girl who loves country music and won’t get mad when she finds out he’s still on Tinder.

The Seahorse

Age: 19-35

Occupation: Masters student/Server

Hobbies: Writing poetry in secret, advocating for political correctness, amphetamines

Looking for: A girl who likes his tattoos and wants to go splits with him on a pack of smokes.

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