If you and your BFF need a new spot to chill, look no further. The Old Apothecary Bakery and Café, located on 1549 Barrington Street in Halifax, is the cutest café around. The Old Apothecary is known for their vintage yet modern décor, and is filled with colourful chairs and comfy couches that give it a funky atmosphere unlike any other cafe in Halifax.

The Old Apothecary makes everything in house from scratch and is known for their delicious homemade bread, croissants and awesome espresso drinks.


The best part about this café is their High Tea service. An English tradition, High Tea at the Old Apothecary was inspired by similar ceremonies offered at the Gresham Hotel in Dublin and the Empress Hotel in Victoria B.C. where tea is served in the finest china.


The Silver High Tea service includes finger sandwiches and pastries, along with unlimited tea from the Old Apothecary Menu.  The whole experience feels like you've just escaped Halifax and ended up in an English castle!


As if it wasn't cute enough already, TOA transformed itself into everyone's favourite coffee shop from the popular sitcom Friends during Nocturne Halifax, an annual art show that features many different installation pieces throughout the city. You could hear renditions of Pheobe's "Smelly Cat" sung for days after the event.


You can rent out the Old Apothecary for High Tea Service along with 20 of your friends for the coolest tea party ever... pinky's up!


Get the Old Apothecary to cater your next breakfast meeting or birthday event, as they're happy to share their incredible desserts with every Haligonian.



via @pardonme_blog

Real question is...where can I buy one of these couches?

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