Halifax is known for a lot of things, two of which are it's incredible universities and it's thriving drinking culture. Drinking games and Halifax universities have one thing in common: there are so many to choose from, so it can sometimes be hard to pick.

Fortunately for you, we did the work and came up with drinking games to match each institution in Halifax. So whether you're choosing your uni based on a drinking game, or a drinking game based on your place of learning, you're bound to find the right fit. Take a look and see what your uni got!

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1. University of King’s College: King’s Cup

King’s is known for its lovingly self-proclaimed nerds, who are constantly reading and have to keep tabs on about 70 million different texts at the same time, and King’s Cup is a game where you must constantly be keeping tabs on the different rules, so naturally it’s a perfect fit. Also, they’re both called King’s!

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2. Dalhousie: Edward 40Hands

One of Dal’s more famous reputations is that their students are constantly drinking and having fun, though sometimes a little too much fun. Edward 40 Hands, one of the most intense drinking games out there, is one that only a true Dal student would be able to handle.

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3. SMU: Never Have I Ever

“Robie Street High” is SMU’s infamous nickname, and Never Have I Ever is the epitome of high school games. It’s also a great game for getting to know your friends more intimately, which is perfect for SMU, a small and intimate community of students!

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4. NSCAD: Ice Luge

NSCAD is home to some of Halifax’s most talented students of art, who could and would definitely whip up the nicest ice sculpture you’ve ever seen from which they luge their alcohol. After all, this drinking game requires, more than anything, a lot of artistic talent!

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5. Mount Saint Vincent University: Drunk Jenga

Everyone loves jenga, but add in alcohol, and it gets ten times better. Write a rule or an action on each block and build your tower (otherwise known as your "Mount") and proceed to pull out the blocks. This game is best played in a smaller setting, perfect for MSVU, as it's known for its small student population and sense of community.

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