To get you guys excited for the highly anticipated season finale of this wildly popular murder mystery adaptation, we took it upon ourselves to imagine what Halifax would look like if it became the town of Riverdale overnight.  Where would Jason Blossom have been murdered?  Where would the gang meet for milkshakes? Why would the Convention Center still not be finished, even in this alternate reality?  

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There are a couple spoilers included below, so be sure to get caught up before the final episode of Riverdale: Season One airs tonight!  

Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe would be the True North Diner

Or Chicken Burger, both have extremely similar retro vibes. 

Josie and the Pussycats would play nineties night at The Seahorse

Even though they’re still in high school…

Fred Andrews’ company would be finishing the Convention Centre

And the Blossoms are the ones preventing him from having it done on time.

Riverdale High School would be Citadel High

Minus that super nice student common room from the show that only 8 select students have access to apparently. 

Archie Andrews would be an NHL prospect from Cole Harbour

The next Nathan McKinnon but also the next Joel Plaskett.

The Blossoms would live in that castle on Young Avenue

And they’d secretly store their syrup in the Grain Elevators.

The Coopers would have a grudge against the Blossoms for ruining their maple syrup company at Sugar Moon Farm

That actually sounds like the name of a company that could exist in Riverdale.

Jughead would be squatting at The Valley Drive-In

Getting to Citadel High every day would be a trek.

Sweetwater River would be the Northwest Arm

And Jason Blossom would have been killed in the Dingle Tower because it’s creepy af.

Veronica’s dad would be locked up in Burnside at The Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility

She likely would have moved to Halifax for “a new start” like all Toronto kids lol. 

The Serpents would be a gang from Dartmouth

And would find regularly commuting across the MacDonald Bridge on their bikes very inconvenient but would also be too gangster to take the ferry.

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