Your twenties are a time to date different types of guys to find out what you really like. It’s a time to experiment, let your freak flag fly and do things that make you happy without thinking about the consequences.

Dating in your twenties is a fun way to help you discover new things and make new friends. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even find the one and he may in fact be on this list of guys you’ll come across in Halifax.

1. The Bar Star

This guy you’ll date but probably not for long. He likes to party and have fun, you always have a good time with him because he's the life of the party. He will always beat your team in flip cup at the pre game but you may lose him somewhere between the dome and taboo because he probably saw someone he knew and had to stop and say hey.

2. The nice guy with hipster vibes

He’s cute, probably tall and sweet unlike the bar star. He’s fashion forward and maybe even plays an instrument or paints. This guy is probably a great cuddle, loves to go on study dates and knows all the best musicians touring through Halifax. Most likely owns Blundstones.

3. The guy that's 420 friendly

When you met him he was chill and funny - you were sooo into it. This guy loves to chill out, watch Netflix and order pizza. He’s always optimistic and doesn’t have a negative bone in his body.

4. The country boy

He lived in rural Nova Scotia or New Brunswick his whole life and you get the small town vibes right away. He knows how to get things done around the house, has mad respect for his mother and probably knows how to handle a four-wheeler. Perks are he has a huge soft spot that you find unbearably cute but downfalls include the accent that comes out when he’s talking to his friends eh.

5. The moved-from-a-big-city guy

He moved from a bigger city than Halifax and won’t let you forget it. He’s hot, he’s a little bit more worldly and probably goes to university or works a high profile job. He takes you out on real dates, knows how to chill and you don’t have to worry about his ex because she’s back home.

6. The older guy

Age is just a number...ish. It doesn’t matter to you and it doesn’t matter to him that there’s an age difference, but when it comes to your friend groups hanging out can be a bit weird. At least you tried dating someone that was less concerned about the cheers line-up and more into their career (hopefully).

7. The athlete

Built, social, has good style...but he's always busy with practice. Nonetheless, he’s got a ton of friends, invites you to parties and cheering him on at the big game is a blast.  This guy is in awesome shape and is always a ton of fun to be around.

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