Amazon has quickly become one of the world's favourite shopping sites. From books to cameras you can get practically anything delivered to your doorstep from the online spot. Though, I'm sure when you think "practically anything," these weird items didn't come to mind.. 

Marna Pink Piggy Steamer

Why anybody thought that there was public demand for a pink piggy steamer boggles my mind. Regardless of whether people want it or not, it's a thing you can buy and it's seriously creepy. I can't put my finger on what it is about this contraption that makes me uncomfortable but I definitely do not want to be anywhere near this kind of thing in real life. 

Buy Here 

Asian Old Man Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Mandala wall tapestries? Please that is so 2015, if you really want to make your dorm mates envious of your killer decor, pick up this decal of an Asian old man! He'll make for great company while you're studying!

buy here. 

Senior Woman with Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Old asian man not your style? Or you want more than one human decal? Look no further than not only just a decal of a senior woman, but a decal of a senior woman with an asthma inhaler- score! 

buy here. 

Glow Bowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

I don't know if I hate this or love it. Partly because I feel like if I tried to go to the bathroom at 3 a.m. and my toilet bowl started beaming a blue light rave style I'd probably have a stroke. 

buy here. 

Ramen Pants

Are you a fan of ramen noodles? You can show everyone with these pants! 

buy here. 

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

There is no explanation needed, I want several of these so I can gift them to every single person I know this Christmas. 

buy here. 

Another Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

Two is always better than one, especially when it comes to Nicolas Cage pillow cases. 

buy here. 

Monster Finger Puppet Set 

I just want to know how whoever made this thing got people to invest in it. How do you even market this thing? 

buy here. 

A Yodelling Pickle

You know what, the first time I saw it I judged, but then I almost bought it because I am extremely curious as to what a yodelling toy pickle sounds like. 

buy here. 

The Bobcat Mullet

Forget Halloween, this mullet needs to be rocked 24/7 day and night, business in the front and party in the back, always.  

buy here. 

Dancing With Jesus Book

If you were "cursed with two left feet," don't worry! Jesus has got your back, as always, and apparently especially so when it comes to dancing. I won't lie I want everything to do with this book. 

buy here. 

Dancing With Cats Book

After finishing up Dancing With Jesus, why not spend some time looking at photos taken of people dancing with cats! 

buy here. 

1500 Live Lady Bugs 

I don't want to know why anyone would want live lady bugs let alone want exactly 1500 of them. I'm seriously concerned and a little afraid that I'm a few clicks away from ending up on the Silk Road. 

Travel Pillow

Now this is something I can get behind. This drives the old travel pillows of the past to shame! Look at how comfy that head pillow looks! Tell me I'm not the only one considering actually buying this thing??

Face Slimmer

Last but certainly not least, is the face slimmer. Who needs face tune when you can have a slimmed face all the time? All at the low expense of having to wear a plastic lip contraption around all day, seems like a perfect deal to me!

buy here. 

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