We're all about the newest trends when it comes to beauty, hair and makeup. If you call yourself a true beauty queen, then you definitely follow all of the latest trends, no matter how bizarre they really are. Dutch braids, coffin nails, glitter hairlines, you name it - we're into it.

Sometimes, the beauty community gets a bit carried away when it comes to new trends, especially when it involves glitter. So, we decided to compile a list of all the craziest, most bizarre trends of 2018 for your entertainment. 

1. Rainbow Brows

@eyelive4beautyembedded via  


2. Tie-Dye Hair

@hnwhairstudioembedded via  


3. Garden Brows

@livemintloungeembedded via  

4.  Tiger Brows


@skyzhighlightembedded via  


5. Yellow Blush

@witchyareolaembedded via  

6. Fish Scale Hair

@hair.maidenembedded via  

7. DIY Body Glow

@theredroommembedded via  


8. Fishtail Brows

@wenkbrauwtrendsembedded via  

9. Glitter Face

@dadollshopembedded via  

10. Jelly Highlighter

@makeup_news_everydayembedded via  

11. Halo Brows

@skyzhighlightembedded via  

12. Tooth Nails

@dentalarthumorembedded via  

13. Glitter Facemasks

@glamglowmeembedded via  


14. DIY Freckles

@hudabeautyembedded via  


15.  Glitter Roots

@ghdhairembedded via  


16. Rainbow Hair

@theglitterarmyembedded via  


17. Pencil Brows

@alllthingsvogueembedded via  


18. Glitter Brows

@coco.hiraniembedded via  


19. Anime Makeup

@nikkietutorialsembedded via  


20. Unicorn Hair

@ashmerehairembedded via  


21. Glitter Tears

@nikkietutorialsembedded via  


22. Glitter Body Art

@hudabeautyembedded via  


23. Marble Nails

@nikkietutorialsembedded via  


24. Face Graffiti

@hudabeautyembedded via  


25. Lip Tattoos

@glowconembedded via  


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