It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most hectic, expensive, anxiety-inducing and busiest time of the year. With all of the holiday parties and people to knock off your Christmas list, the holiday season can be eclipsed by never ending to-do lists. 

But, there are some foolproof ways that you can make this time of the year as jolly as it should be. And one of the best ways to get through all of the food, drinking, spending and celebrating is to strategize. 

This year, Global News did some research on what the hottest holiday gifts for Christmas 2017 would be. Now, it should come as no surprise, that most people want tech-related gifts and/or toys (especially if those people on your list are under the age of ten). 

According to the popular Canadian stores and shops they interviewed, retailers predict tech toys will be the #1 gift for adults, and they've included some of the best gift ideas just for us. 

1. Smartphone Camera Printer 

Allowing you to print your photo memories instantly, the Smartphone Camera Printer is sure to be one of the hot holiday gift items for 2017. This brand and model is available at Winners for $99. 

2. Google Home and Google Home Mini

3. Fitbit Ionic Watch 

No surprise here. Although the Fitbit is not a new version, Global's research indicated that anything fitness-related is always a big hit for the holidays, especially as people prepare to kick off their New Year's resolutions. And with new versions of the Fitbit always being developed, it's easy to get the latest version for that special someone. This model is available at Best Buy for $399.

But if people on your list aren't exactly the tech type, or you're looking to spend much less on a gift that goes a long way, Global News' research also found that comfy and calming items for the home are always a huge hit during the Christmas season. 

4. Saje Natural Wellness Oils

5. Cozy Socks or Slippers 

Happy shopping! 

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