Being a student in the city can get pretty pricey, especially when it comes to updating your wardrobe. Whether you need a new outfit for a job interview or are tired of wearing the same bodysuit and jean combo to the club, everyone likes to spruce up their wardrobe every once and awhile! Though if you are facing steep OSAP payments and other bills coming in every month, it can seem impossible to keep up with the trends while staying in the black when it comes to the hottest styles across the world.

Luckily though, tons of clothing stores offer great student discounts that can make your shopping addiction a little less detrimental to your bank account! So get ready for a great excuse to go shopping after checking out how many amazing stores are offering killer price cuts for students! 

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Kate Spade // 15% off

This is a discount I personally wasn't aware of. If you show your student ID in store you can get a 15% off discount off anything in Kate Spade stores! So whether you are grabbing a new wallet, the perfect stationary or a bag to match your new wardrobe, it's going to cost you 15% less if you make sure to remember to bring and show your student card! 

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Topshop // 10% off 

This is one that is well known amongst students but that doesn't mean we don't forget to bring our student card constantly. Topshop is a great spot to grab stuff that's on trend without having to spend a crazy amount, plus they carry staple favourites like jeans and boots perfect for the Fall- just make sure you remember to bring your student card to get that 10% discount! 

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Adidas // 30% off 

If you are in the market for getting some new work out gear or are just looking to get some new runners, definitely consider getting Adidas over a pair of Nikes considering it will cost you a lot less. By showing your student card in the store you can get 30% off your purchase (excluding sale items). 

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LOFT // 15% off

LOFT has the perfect balance of feminine yet chic and professional clothing, but their stuff can definitely get pricey. The pieces they carry are definitely a worthy investment considering most of what they offer will never go out of style and is great quality. Though the 15% off discount you can grab if you show your student card will definitely make the purchase a lot easier to make! 

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Roots // 20% off full price and 10% off sale 

Who doesn't need a pair of Roots sweats?! Whether you are getting your first pair or are replacing an old and very worn pair of sweatpants, you don't have to worry about blowing too much money on the staple Canadian loungewear. So long as you show your student ID, not only can you get 20% off your purchase, but you can also score a 10% off discount on sale items! 

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Steve Madden // 10% off 

Steve Madden always hosts great dupes on super pricey shoes as well as styles of their own that are always the perfect accessory for a great outfit. Though with good style and quality comes a price, and you can rack up a pretty big bill if you visit the spot too much. Luckily, if you are a student, by just showing your card in store you can score 10% off your purchase! 

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H&M // 15% off 

H&M is a spot FULL of staples though, with their recent switch from using unethical labor to ethical labor practices (yay!), their prices have risen. Luckily, with the 15% off discount, you can score by showing your ID in store. Now you won't have to worry about the prices rising and instead you can celebrate their switch to ethical practices! 

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Levi's // 15% off

Everybody can use a new pair of jeans, especially during the Fall months when denim is back in full swing. Whether you are pining after a staple denim jacket or are looking for the perfect pair of authentic mom jeans, Levi's is definitely the spot to visit for all things denim. Considering the quality and 15% discount you get if you show your student card in store. 

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Urban Outfitters // 10% off (select days) 

Urban Outfitters is a massive brand that tons of students love to shop at, but with their sometimes ridiculous prices, it can be hard to keep up with the trends if you constantly shop at this spot. Luckily, if you sign up for their email newsletter, they'll notify you when their student deals are on (which are only offered select days). So you know when you can score 10% (or even more) off your purchase! 

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Club Monaco // 15-20% off 

Club Monaco is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for staple pieces that will not only stand the test of time quality wise but also aren't too trendy to the point where you'll stop wearing it after one season. From thick peacoats to chic workwear, it's the perfect place to hit up. While the spot can run you a pretty penny, the 15% off you can score off discounted products and 20% off full price items will make the spending a little less harmful to your budget. 

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J Crew // 15% off 

J Crew is the best place to go to if you are looking for the perfect interview outfit. Whether it's for an internship or a full-time gig, you'll be looking interview ready after stopping off here. Plus the 15% off discount will definitely ease the guilt for the extra money spent! 

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Banana Republic // 15% off

Banana Republic is another spot that offers staple items and great quality. While the pieces can get pricey, they are likely to last several seasons considering most of their pieces are pretty timeless when it comes to style. Luckily though, you won't have to rationalize the purchase to yourself for too long so long as you remember to bring and show your student card and get 15% off your purchase! 

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Eddie Bauer // 10% off

Winter is coming and if you don't have the right clothing for the weather, you are going to freeze, and it doesn't matter how cute your outfit is. If you look cold and feel cold it will throw the whole look off. Luckily Eddie Bauer hosts 10% off for students so you can keep warm and still look good once the cold weather hits! 

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