The day we've all waited for is finally here. Bachelor in Paradise season 4 is finally over. And we for one, could not be more glad. This season has been such an emotional whirlwind. What with love triangles, twin tornados, scallop fingers etc.

In short, we've had to deal with a lot in a very limited amount of air time and honestly, if you've made it this far - good for you. You're loyal as hell. The Bachelor doesn't deserve you. 

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Hm, doesn't that line sound like something, I don't know, our beloved Deanie Baby might say? To be honest, it's not that far off from how the guy feels about Kristina. We were so hopeful for the two of them at the beginning of the season but of course, their relationship got very much de-railed by Danielle L. “Kristina’s just so much more perceptive and smart. But D-Lo’s just so f‑‑‑ing hot,” Dean confessed once upon a time. Before adding what the rest of us were thinking, “I know — I’m being a complete unbearable idiot in the situation." DING DING DING. Yup, you nailed it boo. 

I pretty much guessed that Dean would regret breaking up with Kristina for DLo. Basically because Danielle has about as much personality as a slice of Wonderbread. And thankfully, Dean realized it too on last night's episode, finally admitting he had feelings for Kristina and even started crying?? Deanie!! It's okay baby!! We all make mistakes!! Sadly, the After The Final Rose studio audience was not as forgiving and booed him. BOOED him, guys. Which I think was a little harsh. I mean clearly he just got swept away in Bachelor world, and Dean even noted this himself when he went on Ellen a couple days ago. 

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BUT THE PLOT THICKENS. Danielle refused to take Dean's apology sitting down and put him on BLAST revealing that Dean called her AN HOUR after the show ended. That they had a relationship post-paradise and that if he did love Kristina, it's bullshit - because he was essentially sleeping with her. Damn, DLo! Look who's got a backbone! Kristina also revealed that Dean had reached out to her to try and rekindle things sooOooOoo CLEARLY someone hasn't learned his lesson. What a shame. Looks like #DeanForBachelor is just a dream. Until next season. I mean, you've seen what he looks like on camera, right??

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In other, less spicy news - Corinne and DeMario reunitedAnd might I add, if I ever see the two of them in a headline again, I will lose my eyes from rolling them so far back in my head. They are healed, they are happy, they are over the drama. (Take note, ABC. I did that in 2 seconds as opposed to your 2 hours of footage.) Adam and Raven left Paradise together and are still in love (yay!) Robbie and Amanda broke-up, if anyone cares. Scallop Fingers & Jack Stone didn't make it out alive. Daniel finessed Lacey into thinking that he was in love with her (ouch) and Taylor & Dereck left engaged, leaving the franchise with something to dangle in front of our faces next season. 

Well guys, it was a wild ride, but man am I glad it's over. If any of you have any burning questions for Dean, Robbie, Adam or Ben Z, I have the pleasure of hanging out with them this Friday! So please drop some comments for me on Facebook. Cheers, guys. I'll see you on Arie's season

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