Summer is the perfect time to hit up your local trails for a hike. Before you head out, check to see which hiking essentials you might need to make your summer adventures the best and most comfortable ever! Even if you're not that experienced, you should definitely try out a few trails this year and see the land with your own eyes rather than through Instagram posts.

On this list, you'll find hiking essentials and stuff that's going to make it so much easier to get out into the woods this summer. From eco-friendly and zero waste products to ways to making your hike more fun, you'll find something on this list that's a total must-have for your next hike. Here are eight hiking gear essentials you'll want this summer for your next hike:

Light Drawstring Backpack

Price: $14.99

Why you need it: Drawstring bags like this are way lighter than a backpack and will easily fit just the necessities for your fun summer hikes.

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S'well Bottle

Price: $49.99

Why you need it: Don't balk at the price, once you have one of these bottles it's yours for life since they're so durable. They hold the temperature of your water perfectly so you can treat yourself to a surprisingly cold drink on your hike!

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Clif Bars

Price: $11.97 for a case of 12

Why you need it: Be the "Mom" of your friend group and bring snacks for everyone on the hike!

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Tiny Blanket

Price: $18.99

Why you need it: This waterproof, durable blanket is perfect for spreading out at the top of lookout points and at beaches to enjoy the view and it's absolutely tiny so it takes up no room in your bag.

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Natural Sunscreen

Price: $21.99

Why you need it: Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for outdoor adventuring in the summer even if you're mostly in the shade of trees, you're still getting UV rays! Do your future self a favour and lather up.

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Zero Waste Lunch Kit

Price: $33.79

Why you need it: Ditch plastic in your lunch and fill up a perfectly portable lunch kit like this with snacks and treats for your hike.

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Travel Mug

Price: $15.56

Why you need it: Despite my continued feedback, very few trails have a place where you can get a good cup of coffee. If you need to be caffeinated for a hike, you better BYOB (bring your own brew.)

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Spikeball Game Set

Price: $ 79.99

Why you need it: This is that game you'll see everyone playing at the park and beach this summer! It's super fun and light to pack in and out to turn your hike into an even more fun outing!

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