A lot of people have misconceptions about vitamins. Some think you should only take them when you're nearing a cold, like Vitamin C. Some think that they're only for kids, in the gummy or Flinestone variety. But vitamins can actually help out in a lot of different aspects when it comes to your hair, nail, skin and general health. 

We all try to eat well and exercise but let's be real - there are days when we crush fried chicken and waffles or stay out till 3am or skip the gym to watch The Office. Vitamins can't erase the choices that aren't the best for our bodies, but they can definitely help even the score. Here's what you should aim to take everyday .

1. A multi-vitamin

Realistically, we can't get all the nutrients we need every day from our food choices. We would have to eat a million different foods in order to get all of nutrients we need. A multi-vitman can help fill in the gaps and make sure you're getting everything you need. This gummy one is a fun snack to chew in the morning. 

2. Biotin 

Biotin is a miracle worker for hair, skin and nails. It's known to strengthen your hair and make it shiny, help grow out your nails and clear up your skin! This one is super yummy and strawberry flavoured! 

3. An antioxidant 

If you live in a big city or are out in the sun a lot, you're in need of an antioxidant thanks to all the free radicals you're exposed to. Free radicals cause inflammation in the body which is to blame for fine lines, wrinkles and blotchy skin. Although you can chow down on fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants, like blueberries or kidney beans, it's better to take a supplement for added insurance. 

4. Fish Oil

Before you get grossed out, these are actually life savers. You can thank fish oil for beautiful hair, skin and nails, while supporting your heart and blood systems. Great for fighting colds, depression, preventing painful periods, and lowering cholesterol.

5. Activated Charcoal 

Charcoal is super trendy right now and for good reason. Charcoal is great for absorbing toxins in the body, while also helping with digestion. This means it's great for hangovers and get definitely help your energy levels. 

6. Probiotics

If you have problems with digestion, probiotics can truly change the game. They literally help the creation of good good gut bacteria to help you digest easily. They're also encouraged when you're on antibiotics, obviously, to make sure your body gets all the help it needs. 

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