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Let's be honest: there is sugar pretty much everywhere. As much as we try to avoid it, most ingredients we believe are fine and sugar-free end up being a complete disaster. Best exemple would be fruit juices. Most of them are filled with sugar, good, or bad.

That being said, no one will argue that 2016 was a pretty, hm, interesting year. Many things happened which felt like a rollercoaster of emotions for most of us, and it became more than important for me to try and focus a little more on myself. Not going to lie, the gym was pretty packed at the beginning of 2017, but that includes "resolution people", so it was pretty hard to keep the same focus.

Back to last year...

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Training without eating well and vis versa leads to close to no significant results. But, hey, everybody knows that. The hardest part is really to switch lifestyles without feeling bummed when your roomies are having 2 XL pizzas, and you're standing there, with your unseasoned chicken, brocoli and rice. Don't give in to temptation!

It was a huge move, especially since the year before I used to get myself takeouts for every. single. lunch.

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So then being healthy became a priority. Taking life for granted is wrong, and right after the very first month you begin to realize how precious life really is. No need for a cheesy line to explain why you are what you eat. It goes in your system, it's digested; it becomes part of you.

The first thing I really crossed off my list was sugar in coffee in the morning, then morning coffee itself. After 6 weeks, the difference was already noticeable. I was wide awake the moment my feet would hit the ground. It would seem the coffee played a lot on my metabolism and my digestion became a lot more stable. Nice poop, yay!

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Not that I was particularly big for a guy, but my June checkup showed a small decrease in cholesterol. According to my doc, a moderate amount causes a spike in cholesterol and triglyceride blood fat. Sounds as fun as it really is. The gym also helped a lot to burn belly fat.

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The obvious difference really appeared to be my overall mood. Probably because sleeping well became a piece of cake. What a pun.

As a matter of fact, my roommates literally mentioned I was a lot more fun to be around even with my freaky diet and strict life habits. Stress levels decreased a little although there were a lot of factors; it would be calling a theory a fact to say it was the main reason.

The final results are quite stunning when you look at them as a list. Let's.

  • Dropped 18 pounds while gaining muscle
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Better mood
  • Improved digestion
  • Easy mornings
  • Deep, undisturbed sleep
  • Tongue surprisingly tastes more things (might be related to coffee, too)
  • Huge increase in libido, easier blood flow

And the most amazing thing is as you quit eating sugar, you actually begin to hate on it. You don't crave it anymore, and you will even detect the smallest amount of sugar in food.

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I'm far from having good knowledge of the human body. And this is why I never take anything for a fact before being 100% sure something is true.

But one thing is for sure : removing countless grams of sugar from my diet was one of the best decisions. A lot of people started doing the "one month without alcohol challenge", which is a great way of knowing how much money you spend on alcohol, how it affects your body, and gives you a good reason to drink less of it.

Well, it's the exact same thing with sugar. Once you embark on this quest of health and maybe fitness, there is no going or even looking back. Treat your body well, and life will treat you better.

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