Tim Hortons is starting the new year off with a few new foods and the flavours are actually really creative. To help wake Canadians up in the morning, the chain has introduced two coffee-inspired treats to their menu.

The first is the Double-Double Timbit, which of course pays homage to the classic drink which thousands of Canadians order each day. If you have been living under a rock or are outside of Canada, that's a coffee with two sugars and two creams. It is regarded as Tim Horton's iconic beverage and is probably their most popular. 

Riding that popularity, Tims decided to invent a whole new Timbit which is supposed to taste just like a double-double coffee. To go along with the new coffee-themed sweets, Tims also released a brand new tiramisu donut, which is filled with coffee-flavoured tiramisu filling and topped with two coffee beans.

Inspired by the classic Italian dessert, which is made with ladyfingers, coffee and mascarpone cream, the donut serves as a more refined way to enjoy Tim's coffee-inspired treats.

While Canadians seem super excited about the new limited edition donut, I could just take their word for it. In true Canadian spirit, I trekked out in the snow to try Tim's brand new coffee donuts for myself and this is what I think about them. 

Double-Double Timbit

No doubt, it's a good Timbit but where it loses some points is the flavour. While there is a slight coffee aroma to the Timbit, when I bit into it I wasn't really detecting any coffee flavour. It definitely tasted like sugar, which makes sense because all donuts do, but other than that I couldn't confirm whether it actually tasted like a double-double. 

I wanted to be extra certain whether or not this donut actually tastes like a double-double. Since I don't actually drink double-doubles, I turned to my friend, a self-proclaimed Tim Hortons addict who drinks at least one large double-double every day. Even he agreed that it didn't even taste like coffee and he said he was underwhelmed. 

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So the double-double Timbit is definitely lacking in coffee flavour but that said, it tastes good and I would probably have no problem devouring a whole 10 pack of them. 

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Tiramisu Donut

Right off the bat, this is for sure a coffee inspired donut, right down to the espresso beans on the top of it. Like a tiramisu, there are some different layers that make up this donut.

First of all, it's your basic Tim Hortons donut, which to be honest doesn't actually taste like anything. Then it's topped with Tim's classic white icing and drizzled with their classic chocolate icing. On top of that, there is a dusting of cocoa powder and two little espresso beans. To pull it all together, there is a coffee-inspired custard filling that actually tastes like mocha. 

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My issue with this tiramisu donut is that while the notes of coffee are more obvious, to me it's lacking some of the other elements of a tiramisu. For example, it's definitely way sweeter than a traditional tiramisu would be. It's also missing a key ingredient which is mascarpone cheese. To be fair, maybe it's picky of me to expect all that - after all, it is just a tiramisu-inspired donut, not cake.

It's great to see that Tim Hortons is still coming up with new ideas, even if they were slightly underwhelming on execution. What is most surprising is that it took the chain this long to come up with the idea of coffee flavoured donuts, since coffee and donuts have been their main business since day one. 

Even though I was slightly underwhelmed, I would still happily eat either of these donuts again. Just because they didn't taste like what I was expecting doesn't mean they weren't both delicious. If you are in the market for coffee flavour though, definitely splurge on the tiramisu donut. 

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