Face masks have been the going thing for our generation, and with that, there has been so many different kinds to choose from. With each different mask promising to fix or improve something different, it has us thinking, could perfect skin really be this easy?

Well, depending on your skin type, there is a mask made for everyone and I decided to save you the work by trying out all of them! With combination skin, one product is simply not enough for me. So here is a rundown on all of the different face masks on the market today, and what each mask exactly did.

So what I did was take the week as an opportunity to try a bunch of different face masks and see what each one would do, and voila! An end result of flawless skin. Well that's what I had hoped would happen, but with some masks working wonders, some actually hurt my skin, while others had no effect at all. 

So I first started off with one of the latest face mask trends to hit the internet, that has been proven on Instagram as both terrifying and effective. The black mask.

Day 1: Black Peel-Off Mask

The black mask is perfect for skin with clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads. Basically, you apply it as a liquid it takes half an hour to dry and when it's peel off time you'll see the stuff ripped out from your pores on the mask. While it did work, it did hurt and it leaves your skin feeling red and irritated if you have sensitive skin.

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Day 2: Green Tea Sheet Mask

This mask was a huge opposite from the previous one. It's a sheet soaked in a liquid of green tea extracts (and other stuff). You lay it over your face and it collects as much moisture as it can. I only saw temporary results for this one unfortunately!

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Day 3: Heated Charcoal Mud Mask

This one has one great advantage: it only takes a minute! But then again, does having a mask on for one whole minute really make a difference? It surprisingly does. In fact, if you wear this and massage your face with an exfoliating towel after washing it off, it provides similar results to that of the black mask, minus the pain.

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Day 4: Oatmeal Scrub Mask

Using this mid-week was a perfect idea because it is a strong way to get rid of any dirt or oil trapped in my pores. It doubles as an exfoliator, so if you're short on time to wear it as a mask then it's a good option! Also the shea butter leaves your skin soft and not oily!

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Day 5: Tea Tree Oil Peel Off Mask

This would probably be a good mask option for anyone with acne prone skin. It goes on like a thick minty smelling gel and dries as a gel mask which you peel off. The peeling is largely different compared to that of the black mask. This mask gave me a nice glow, but be careful with it near the eyes!

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Day 6: Bubble Mask

So my mask week is almost done, so why not try another Instagram beauty trend? This time I tried the charcoal bubble mask, which applies like any mask but activates to look really gross and bubbly. I thought it was a perfect idea for a halloween costume, because looking at myself in this mask made my skin crawl. My skin did feel refreshed however and that's normally a good sign to know if the mask worked to lift any dirt.  

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Day 7: Rose Clay Mask

This one turned out to be my favourite mask of all, because not only does it smell nice and come in a pretty pink shade, it moisturizes without making your skin feel oily, but instead soft and supple. The moisture surge was great for my skin since it was stripped of natural oils throughout the week from other masks.

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The end result?

My closing thoughts on this experience is to enjoy masks in moderation. As much as we may have trials an tribulations with our skin at times, too much doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing. If your skin feels tingly, it's probably not a good thing, so discontinue using certain products to ensure for healthy skin. Out of all seven, my skin took best to the rose clay mask because it helped with retexturizing my combination skin while providing moisture.

Every mask is made carefully for a certain skin type and to help eliminate certain problems. It's always good to choose according to your skin type, so make sure you do your research if need masks for oily skin or dry skin or even combination skin. I do have tough skin, but I could tell you that if I had sensitive skin this whole experience could've ended pretty badly. Good luck, and mask safely!

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