It seems that all the major cities are super into juice cleanses now. Try walking through any trendy neighbourhood in New York, Toronto, LA or Miami without seeing a juice place; in all honesty, it's basically impossible.

This isn't a new trend by any means - juicing first hit major headlines back in 2012, but celebs have been on this fad diet for years. Mindy Kaling cringes remembering an agent from 2004 who praised cleansing, while super stars like Gwenyth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid all use the liquid diet to cleanse and sometimes prep for major events or photoshoots. 

I think I remember reading an article about how Kate Upton won't eat solid foods for two days before big shoots and just thought to myself "Wow, that's dedication. I wonder if I could do that." Coincidentally enough, I had wisdom tooth surgery coming up and decided I'd put my will power to the test while seeing how my body would react to the system flush. 

Of course, juice cleanses are not a magical cure all or weight-loss tool. I know that & so should you. There actually isn't a ton of evidence that supports it's detoxifying or necessarily good for you with the high sugar content in fruit juices. Juicing for too long can even cause your metabolism to slow, confuse your digestive track and mess with your blood sugar - just to name a few. Luckily, I only only juiced for 3 days (a decently recommended time period) and actually experienced some great pros. 

Day 1: Green & Mean

Today, I decided to hit the juice cleans with a good old fashioned green juice from Owl & Goose. They're a Toronto-based green juice company that's sold super close to my office aka extremely obtainable. I've had Owl & Goose before so this was just a nice way to start my day instead of downing a matcha-latte (which I obviously had later lol).

I grabbed another one for later & also downed a $5 kombucha because I have impulse issues. I made sure to keep myself super hydrated with lots of water before grabbing a carrot juice from LIVE Organic later that day. I did feel extremely cool/hip/healthier-than-you carrying around bottles all day, which is half the reason people juice anyways let's be real. Was I a little hungry? Yes. But I looked cool - and my ego was full even if my stomach wasn't. 

Day 2: Shake It Up 

As bougie as I wanted to be today, I mixed up a  m a s s i v e  shake of my own - with banana, vanilla almond milk, almond butter, dates and cinnamon. It was honestly so good I debated taking up food blogging. If Chrissy Teigan can make a cookbook so can I goddamn it.

Anyways, we're talking legitimately 20oz of shake goals so I was pretty set for the day until afternoon hit. I snuck some raspberry yogurt bc I was craving a thicker consistency (& before you get at me, you don't chew this y'all so in my mind it still counts ok.) I made up for the yogurt infraction that evening with a ginger/lemon/cayenne pressed juice that was actually insanely spicy, causing me to down 2L of coconut water like a deranged yoga teacher. This held my appetite for the rest of the night which surprised me to no end. 

Day 3: Three's Company (or too many days w/o solid food) 

By the time day 3 came around I was basically feeling extremely a) lazy and b) poor to be continuing this juice cleanse. Without a Vitamix handy or a sugar daddy, it is challenging to only drink cold pressed juice for long periods of time guys!!

I grabbed a litre's worth of a green juice á la Loblaws and tried my luck to last as long as possible without screaming at anyone. I later grabbed an apple sauce and justified that it was "almost juice" because I suck and then funnelled a charcoal lemonade from Fresh that was amazing, but soon killed me because of the acidity. 2 ginger teas later I was feeling slightly more alive but super defeated and starving. 

Final Take

Juice cleanses are really, seriously require a lot of mental determination - or at least they do from a 21-year old who enjoys a crunch from popcorn every now and again. I will say that in the mornings, I never missed coffee and felt pretty energized to start.

If I had some more juice maybe or looked for heavier, more rich options, my energy would've probably stayed level. I did lose about 5 pounds but probably from insufficient calories, which I'm not down for. It's important to eat solids for the nutrients, the fibre and to keep your digestive track healthy! 

Do I think this is a safe and fun option that everyone should try rn?? No. But is it the worst thing in the world for a special event? Definitely not. Cleanse at your own will, ladies and gents! 

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