If it's one thing that 2017 has proved, it's that it's the year of the fast-food clothing lines. First it was Mcdonald's free apparel done in collaboration with Uber Eats. Then it was Taco Bell with their Forever 21 team up. However KFC just dropped a line of gear and official merch that's so fire we need to have it right now.

Branded as Colonel & Co, the line is being sold solely online and is totally  available in Canada. As a matter of fact the KFC merch is exclusively available in Canada.  So if you happen to have a friend who fiends fried chicken or is KFC obsessed, we've definitely found the perfect gift for them.

Some notable items from the collection include:

This Canadian stamped Kentucky Fried Crewneck ($50) and the Pocket Fill Up tee ($32).

This epic hanging neon bucket light sign ($250).

This totally appropriate conjoined twosie suit (cause onesies are so 2016).

This totally necessary and needed KFC Canada toque ($15). 

And this KFC bucket seat, priced at a whopping $175 (which is currently sold out on the site).

The KFC team has hinted that they might be dropping some additional merch in the new year - however there's nothing confirmed as of yet. Otherwise, if you're looking to grab some of this Colonel Sander swag for yourself or a friend, check out the Colonel & Co website.

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