The natural beauty brand known for its bombs has just dropped another one. And this one is literally huge.

Unveiled just in time for the holidays, Lush debuted it's latest bath bomb that is probably the biggest in the world (**unverified fact**). 

via @lushcosmetics

Weighing in at two pounds (yup, TWO pounds), Lush's newest addition the bath bomb fam is definitely the heavyweight of the bunch, nearly 5x as heavy as Lush's average bombs. 

Aptly named the "Giant Golden Wonder," the two-pound bomb is an extremely large version of its normal holiday counterpart. Shaped like a wrapped gift box, the Giant Golden Wonder is truly one of a kind. 

Just drop...

And watch it melt before your eyes! 😍

This shimmery, champagne-scented bath bomb creates more than enough fizz for the bath of your dreams. Made with zesty lime and orange oils, with a splash of cognac oil and a whole lot of plastic-free glitter, this Giant Golden Wonder is truly a sight to see. 

via @lushcosmetics

We're not sure who's massive bathtub this bomb was designed for, but when it comes to Christmas, bigger is better. 

And with all that extra weight, you'd probably think this bomb would make your wallet a lot lighter. But no; the Giant Golden Wonder is available at the reasonable price of $19.95 CAD

But we're sad to say that the recently-released bath bomb is currently out of stock. For now, that is. According to reports, Lush plans to have these back in stop by December 15, while some select stores might have limited stock still available. 

Source: Teen Vogue 

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