Every year, it seems like the Christmas season starts a little bit earlier than the year before. Obviously, the actual date of the holiday stays the same, but the start of the season inches closer and closer to November 1st every year.

We're only six days into November and already the Hudson's Bay has already unveiled their holiday store windows, stores are filled with Christmas products, and all the ads we see are for the holidays. 

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While the trend to jump right into Christmas after Halloween has gotten pretty prevalent in our society, Canadians are now arguing that it's way too early for it. They actually have a good reason, too. 

CTV News conducted a poll asking Canadians if they think it's too early for Christmas decorations and over 72 percent of them said yes. Their reason is all the same - Remembrance Day.

According to Canadians responding to the poll on Twitter, it is disrespectful to veterans to dive right into Christmas, since that is essentially skipping over Remembrance Day on November 11th.

Many explain that by celebrating the holidays too early and having decorations up, it doesn't pay enough tribute to the veterans and soldiers who fought for our country. While Remembrance Day isn't a big commercial holiday like Christmas, it is still important and deserves acknowledgement. 

Others who took advantage of the nice weather and already put up decorations have also said they don't turn them on until after November 11th in order to properly honour our veterans. 

Of course, there are people on the other side of the argument who think it isn't too soon for Christmas. One Canadian even went as far as to say that veterans fought for our freedoms, like the freedom to put up Christmas decorations whenever we want. 

People in favour of early decorating also make the point that this is Canada and it's better to decorate outside before the snow comes. That being said, those people still fall in the minority. Based on the survey, it's clear that the majority of Canadians believe that we should wait. 

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