It's no secret that North Korea is definitely a... unique country to say the least. From their insane rules that citizens have to abide by to their perceptions of other countries, there's just a lot to unpack when it comes to the communist country. Though the revealing of propaganda videos has exposed some very odd perceptions of our own home and native land. 

It turns out that North Koreans know little to nothing about Canada and if anything believe that it's a Slavic speaking spot in Europe... they don't think it's remotely near the United States. It turns out a lot of what North Koreans believe about Canada comes from an old propaganda video from the 1990s that consists of a staggering 62 parts. The film in question, Nation and Destiny, depicts Canada as a land with mild weather full of taekwondo and... sports cars?

The film was commissioned by Kim Jon-il and is actually one of the most expensive film productions North Korea ever took on. Apparently, the flick is extremely popular in amongst North Korean locals as for many of them it was their first "real glimpse" at the Western world. 

While many North Koreans have never seen the United State's flag before, a lot of them are able to identify the Maple Leaf as Canada's emblem because of that video. A lot of people who were born and raised in the country actually think Canada shares similar values and qualities to North Korea and see the country as "one of the good ones". Which makes sense as to why they wouldn't perceive the country to be neighbours with a country they despise. 

One Youtuber who hosts a channel that talks about her life in North Korea gave a glimpse as to what many North Koreans might know or think they know about Canada. She noted, "I had heard about Canada, but I had no concept of what Canada was, what the people looked like, what language they spoke." She also noted that for the most part, she didn't really care about outside countries all that much at the time because she had been brainwashed to believe North Kore was the best country to live in. 

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So, for the most part, it seems that North Koreans don't hate Canada if anything they actually like the country but don't really pay that much mind to it. While it's nice to see we really are a universally liked country, it might not be the biggest compliment coming from North Korea of all places. 

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