Ever had something stolen? If you have you know it sucks big time. Doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small - having some complete stranger take your stuff is just not cool. 

When it's something you've bought, having someone take it without your permission is just not okay. But that is exactly what one Canadian man did to a bike locked up along a street - however the story has a bit of a twist. 

See, this person left a note as way of explaining why they would do such a thing.  

Via carlz282

For those who don't feel like twisting their head to read the note appears to say: 

“Hello – sorry to steal your bike. It was mine to begin with. Purchased it @ bikes on wheels in 2012. I rode it for almost 6 years until it was stolen from outside my house on Dundas St. Glad I found it. M.” 

Now there’s of course no way of telling whether this ‘M’ character is telling the truth with that story and we’re sure that whoever had their bike stolen by ‘M’ probably wasn’t very happy about it anyway.    

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If the bike is your only way of getting home and someone steals it then… no matter how nice the note is, you're bound to be unimpressed.  

People on Reddit pointed out that that this isn't a uncommon thing to have happen though. 

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Of course we do hope that 'M' is being honest with their note. Otherwise they're a thief an a liar.  

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