"Are you OK?" It's the question that's the bane of my existence. I get it everyday, from cashiers to overly concerned random people I'll meet at a party, and the answer is always the same: "Yes." I guess the only problem, really, is my face. My resting bitch face.

I'm not an angry or a sad person. The problem, literally, is my face. The neutral face that was passed onto me by my ancestors that I've been cursed to live with for the rest of my life has made me look like a chronically angry person.

But, to be completely honest, having a resting bitch face has saved me so many times in life. I may look sad all the time, but my resting bitch face has actually brought me a lot of happiness. Unapologetically, I love my face, and everybody with resting bitch face should too. Here are 10 reasons why:

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1. You'll never have to worry about starting a conversation.

Someone will always approach you asking what's wrong.

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2. But at the same time, nobody will approach you.

'Cause you're so intimidating.

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3. You have a built-in poker face.

Saves money on the sunglasses.

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4. You can be yourself when taking your driver's license photo.

"Please, don't smile for the picture." Okay.

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5. People who smile are more likely to get wrinkles when they're older.

Hello, gorgeous.

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6. You're red carpet-ready.

Like, how many people actually smile there.

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7. People cherish when you smile.

"You must be really happy."

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8. You get to know who your real friends are.

The ones who were brave enough to approach you and find out that you weren't pissed off that one day.

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9. People will take you seriously.

Like, who would want to crack a joke when you're looking at them like that.

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10. You learn to be really comfortable with yourself.

"Yes, I'm fine. I really am."

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