Almost every girlfriend has a dream date idea in her mind but she won't tell you because she wants you to be the one to plan it out and surprise her. The best thing any boyfriend can do is organize the perfect date, from dinner to activity. Every couple in a relationship goes through the same process when planning a date. You both start off with a plan like dinner and a movie, but then someone says 'that's what we always do', from there you both brainstorm and slightly bicker about where to go and what to do. This process takes forever and every girlfriend dreams that her bae will choose exactly what to do and where to go.

Maybe your girlfriend has been hinting at you and you're just totally not catching the drift yet. Honestly, your girlfriend has probably showed you exactly where she wants to go and you're still choosing dinner and movie as your date night. Don't get me wrong dinner and a movie is totally cool too, but if your bae wants a change, then you should take that request seriously. 

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There are plenty of cute things you can do for a date in Ottawa. Your girlfriend may simply want to do something adorable like go for a hike or go to Nordik, but these things are still pretty basic in my opinion. Doing something completely different and out of your norm is always super good for any relationship. It's officially time to start planning your next unique date with your girlfriend, so take this major hint to change things up. 

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Dinner: La Belle Verte // 166 Rue Eddy 

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La Belle Verte is a delicious vegetarian restaurant that will fill you up real quick. The food here is super tasty and your girlfriend is sure to enjoy it if she loves healthy eating. La Belle Verte is in Gatineau and is totally worth the drive. From soups to burgers to pizzas this restaurant has something for everyone.

Activity: Outdoor workout (before the snow falls)


If you two lovebirds like to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, then an outdoor workout is right up your ally. From running the new insane stairs at Parliament Hill to biking at the Experimental Farm, there are plenty of ways you can get your fitness on while taking in some fresh air. So before having a delicious dinner at the healthy La Belle Verte, head to Parliament and run some stairs.

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Dinner: The Fry // Multiple Locations

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Almost everyone craves a good ol' piece of crispy fried chicken from time to time. If you're the type of couple that eats what you want when you want then you should 100% try out The Fry. This Korean fried chicken spot in Ottawa is so delicious, your girlfriend will be thanking you for introducing her to the crispy golden wings that they serve. 

Activity: The Loft Board Game Lounge // 14 Waller Street

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After indulging in delicious wings you're both going to be in a food coma. If so, then the perfect place to walk to next is The Loft Board Game Lounge. Here the two of you can compete in your favourite games while sipping on some coffee or hot cocoa. The Loft offers more than 100 different games to play and is open 'till 12am for most of the week, so if you two want to spend your night competing definitly head here. 

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Dinner: Evoo Greek Kitchen // 438 Preston Street

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Who doesn't love tzatziki and warm pita bread?! Head to Evoo if your girlfriend always complains about wanting to go to Greece for vacation. Here you will get an absolutely scrumptious Greek meal that will leave you satisfied. Not to mention the unreal Greek desserts that are served up as well! You lovebirds will both be on cloud nine with all of the yummy food choices. 

Activity: Paint Nite // Multiple Locations

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Though painting the rest of your night away may not excite you, I bet your girlfriend would love to do this. At Paint Nite you can unleash your creative side as a couple. All you have to do is head to their website, choose an event, and buy your tickets. After you're finished with your masterpieces you can keep them, so you will always have a piece of the special night. 

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Dinner: Sidedoor // 18 York St

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Almost every girl loves a night out where she can completely doll herself up and put on that cute dress. Take your girlfriend to Sidedoor so she can add on that extra contour and wear that red lipstick. Sidedoor serves up meals that are inspired by Southeast Asian street foods. This hidden restaurant is in the heart of the ByWard Market and is perfect for a romantic night out. 

Activity: Absolute Comedy // 412 Preston Street

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After having a yummy meal at Sidedoor head over to Absolute Comedy to laugh the rest of your night away. A comedy show here is super cheap and is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once. Here you and your girlfriend can share some smiles and some drinks while making the cutest memories. 

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Dinner: Pure Kitchen // Multiple Locations

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If your girlfriend constantly complains about eating the same things over and over again, then take her to Pure Kitchen to switch things up. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or just want something unique, this restaurant will fulfill all of your dinner needs. 

Activity: Feline Cafe // 1076 Wellington Street West

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If your girlfriend is a cat lover then I can promise that she really wants to visit this café. After your yummy meal at Pure Kitchen you can head to the Feline Café to sip on some coffee and pet some adorable cats. This café fosters rescued cats, takes care of them, and promotes their adoptions. So before you go here with your girlfriend, keep in mind she may leave wanting to adopt a cat. 

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Dinner: Sutherland Restaurant // 224 Beechwood Avenue

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This stunning restaurant will give you a fine dining meal without the fine dining price. If your girlfriend has always wanted to try a fine dining experience then you have to bring her to Sutherland Restaurant. The design of the restaurant is super modern and chic, you will leave with a ton of room inspo as well as a satisfied belly. Surprise your girlfriend by taking her to this beautiful restaurant. 

Activity: BATL // 2615 Lancaster Road

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After your great meal head over to BATL to unleash some frustrations. If your girlfriend is a badass that loves competing with you, then I'm sure she will enjoy this fun activity. See who can get a bullseye first by throwing some axes.

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Dinner: Carben Food + Drink // 1100 Wellington St

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This super modern and chic restaurant is definitly a must try for all couples. Your girlfriend will be surprised by the fact that you chose such an aesthetically pleasing restaurant that serves delicious meals. Here you can have delicious food that is inspired by local ingredients and cuisine. 

Activity: Quelque Chose Patisserie // Multiple Locations

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End your amazing meal with a spectacular dessert. Head to this cute café and try out some of their many yummy sweet treats. If your girlfriend hasn't been here yet, she most likely wants to go so why not earn some points by being the person to take her. From macarons to hot cocoa you will both be spoiled for choice here.

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Dinner: Mad Raddish // Multiple Locations

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If you're looking for a more casual and chilled out place to have dinner, then try out Mad Radish. This delicious vegan friendly salad bar is the perfect place to fuel up on veggies. Here you can eat yummy salads and then have coconut ice cream for dessert. Mad Radish is also stunning from the inside so if your girlfriend loves Insta, she'll love this place. 

Activity: Archery Games // 1860 Bank Street

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Watch your girlfriend turn into a straight up badass while playing Archery Tag. After having your amazing salads at Mad Radish head to Archery Games to burn off that fuel. If the two of you love competing and like physical activity then you have to try this out together. 

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Dinner: Pho Thi Fusion // 129 Riocan Avenue

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What's better to eat on a chilly fall day? Head to Pho Thi Fusion to try out Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. If your girlfriend loves pho, sushi, or chow mein, then you should definitly take her to this yummy restaurant. 

Activity: Art Haven // 200 Kennevale Drive

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If your girlfriend loves painting and wine then I promise she will love this place. Head to Art Haven to paint a cute decoration or your own mug while sipping on some wine or bubble tea. Art Haven is located in Barrhaven and is just a 7 minute drive from Pho Thi Fusion.

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Dinner: The Dreamland Cafe // 200 Laurier Avenue

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Pink walls, pasta, and coffee, if this describes things your girlfriend loves then you 100% have to take her to The Dreamland Café. Here you can enjoy delicious pasta for dinner and have some sweet treats for dessert. The café is totally Insta worthy, so take your girlfriend and be prepared to take a couple (hundred) photos of her.

Activities: Escape Manor // Multiple Locations

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Especially during this Halloween season, there's nothing better than a fun escape room. This is such a cute thing to do as a couple because you get to see how your bae acts in a timed and stressful situation. If your girlfriends loves mysteries, horrors, or solving things then she will definitly enjoy an escape room. 

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