A quick disclaimer: Summer in Ottawa is actually amazing. When you compare the season of sunshine to Ottawa's cold, wretched winters, it's a comparison of polar opposites. The city completely transforms. Patios open, the food trucks are out and running and it's festival season.

Although summer may be Ottawa's brighter season, there's of course still something to complain about. This is Ottawa after all. Here's some struggles we're all bound to face and dread:

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Going for a swim at the beach

But remembering all the diseases you'll contract in the Ottawa River.

The humidity

What's the point of looking good before going out.

And all the sweat that comes with it

"Did you run here?" 

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Wearing a backpack when walking outside

I can either not carry my water bottles around or have to explain this.

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The lineups at Calypso

Yeah, if you could not touch me in the wave pool, that would be great. Don't get me started about people who pee in the water.

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It's the perfect weather for more...

Construction! The winters are so brutal that everything has to be fixed until the next winter comes. A vicious cycle, indeed.

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When the OC Transpo turns you into a Delissio Rising Crust Pizza

An actual oven on wheels. *Opens the window in the back*

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Canada Day

There's no other place we'd want to celebrate it, but my god, move.

It's the end of sweater weather

It's all t-shirts, shorts, and more reasons to shave more, more, more.

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It's socially acceptable to eat ice cream again

But it'll just end up melting down the cone and ruin your day.

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It ain't all that bad though.

Believe it or not we can actually have a pretty good time in the summer despite all the above.

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