Laugh at them as you will, but those people taking pictures of their dinner or ice cream are the culinary pioneers of our city. Quite frankly, if it weren't for some of our Ottawa foodies taking some stellar, VSCO-edited photographs, some of our city's best local food secrets may have been kept hidden.

Whether they're exploring an ice cream shack or making their own food from scratch, we rounded up 10 of the most delectable Ottawa foodie Instagrams:

via @nomnomottawa


Various high quality photos from trendy restaurants across the city. Nom Nom is fairly new, only first starting an Insta feed in mid-August of 2016, but they've gained a humble cult following ever since.

via @petitepavlova


Striking colours against white hues make Sophia and Jess' Instagram page striking and sharp. They particularly post photos from cafes, but post pictures from sit-down restaurants, as well.


A mix between Ottawa eats and food from our bigger city next-door neighbour, Toronto.


Arguably the go-to foodie Gram with a long list of high quality, well-composed photos in some of Ottawa's trendiest restaurants.


Mark often takes photos of pho and poutine, and is the proud founder of Ottawa Foodies. He comes from a background rich in top of the line food culture -- his mother, being Swiss, made much of his food growing up from scratch. His passion for food emulates from his Instagram feed and, if one thing has to be emphasized about him, it's that Mark loves his pho.

via @amandacooksplants


The daunting world of ethical veganism is made simple on Amanda's channel, where she showcases her made-from-scratch dishes that are, well, cooked with plants. She has shared vegan her knowledge during her time at The Charlatan, Carleton's school newspaper.

Often featured on @ottcityfoodies, Nepean-based Nathan has posted from pretty much every imaginable praised restaurant in the city. You name a restaurant in Ottawa -- he's probably taken a photo.


While not entirely dedicated to food, Magic Mimi's Insta account follows a variety of distinguished restaurants in the city, from oysters to desserts. She even includes her own critiques on her Yelp page:

via @ottcityfoodies


If Gaby's not on the hunt for food, she's crafting it with easy-to-follow step-by-step guides on her food blog, Breakfast and Business. Her photographs are often featured and shared with @ottcityfoodies' Insta page.

via @crumbkitchen


Cassie, a Carleton J-School grad, posts photos branching out from her web blog of the same name, Crumb Kitchen. All the food she makes is from scratch, and she even includes recipes for the food she features on her Insta feed. You can check out her blog here.

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