Everyone knows that a summer body is built in the winter. Well, most of us do but for those of us who claim we're finally going to shed our baby fat for the 5th consecutive "New Year, New Me" statement, this can be the year you finally do! 

Personal trainers based in Ottawa have completely taken advantage of Ottawa's quick growth rate and used social media sites such as Instagram to their advantage. Making a name for themselves in the city, here's a list of Ottawa trainers who will get you in perfect shape for Summer 2018:

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Daniel Gracia

Working out is not just something to do for this Ottawa based trainer, it's a lifestyle! If you need a trainer who will be available online and who is completely self-employed, Dan is the man for you! He works out with all different types of clients and has much to offer.

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Venesha Angus

Venesha is brains, beauty, and brawn! She's got a body to die for and will help you also get your dream body. She's an expert on this stuff and she really knows what she's doing. Definitely worth checking her out.

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Stephanie Karlovits

Stephanie is a holistic nutritionist and a functional personal trainer! Not only are the posts on her IG super inspiring but she's also super hardworking. She juggles multiple tasks on a daily basis but will ensure her commitment to you!

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Kyle den Bak

Kyle is for all the vegans and plant-based athletes out there! For those of you who prefer the cruelty-free route, this Ottawa based trainer will hold it down for you.

Soph Torrinha

Soph is seriously BODY GOALS! She'll teach you how to get slim and in shape while keeping all of your curves. She's been going at it for a couple years now proving her hard work and dedication by competing in fitness competitions across Ontario. 

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Amanda Rassam

Amanda is like the jack of all trades, she offers all kinds of services to best suit her clients. She's also very into yoga so if you're looking for diversity, Amanda is your girl!

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Sarah Khorrami

If you're looking for a personal trainer who's dedicated and passionate but hella fierce, Sarah's the girl for you! She's the definition of no excuses and no time off, and she's super fun to work with.

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Nick Tshilenge

Nick is one of the masterminds behind Limitless Era, where the title is completely reflective of what it offers. There are no limits when it comes to Nick, and he'll get you ready for whatever it is, especially sports! 

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Yannick Jean-Jacques

If you're looking for someone who will be extremely dedicated and committed to you as a client, Yannick may be the answer to your dreams! Super guided by faith, if you're also very spiritual, this may be a match.

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Nabil Khatib

Owner of his own gym, Team Bushido, and specializing in mixed martial arts, Nabil Khatib is extremely hardworking and passionate about what he does. If you're looking for a really intense workout that combines fun with discipline, this is the place for you!

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