Perched on the Ottawa River and up and down a hill is our suburb with the silver church. Although we already firmly believe we're better than Barrhaven, we have plenty of other things to be grateful for. 

Whether it's the Place D'Orleans Cinnabon or taking a drive down Taffy Lane around Christmas, Orleans will always hold a special small neighbourhood charm.

Here's 10 reasons why Orleans is Ottawa's best suburb (or, at least better than Barrhaven):

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We have one of the biggest tobogganing hills in the city

Green's Creek is where it's at. Still never riding down the ice slide, though.


We also got some pretty nice beaches

Wouldn't swim in the water, but Petrie's nice to look at.

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The waterfalls aren't bad either

The hike up Princess Louise is a bucket list Orleans item.

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We're also home to one of the best burgers in the city

OCCO Kitchen burgers are a greasy pilgrimage for many across the city.

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Let's not forget the poutine either

This little orange shack on St. Joseph is always packed in the summertime. While many businesses come and go on the road, Fritomania's here to stay.

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We trained Olympic medalists at our rec centre

Elizabeth Manley, 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist, trained at the Gloucester Skating Club, right in Orleans. That's at the Bob MacQuarrie Centre, but us Orleans originals like to call it the ORC.

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The first Mandarin in Ottawa opened in Orleans

God is good. It was only destiny that we got first dibs.

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We got nature right in our backyard

One of the most famous boardwalks in Ottawa, Mer Bleue Bog is right in our backyard and is ready for our Instagram feeds.

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This guy.

Still taking photos with him. The man. The myth. The legend.

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Taffy Lane

We get extra festive around the holidays.

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