Downtown Ottawa - you may not know how good you have it. From unique coffee shops, to treating the canal like your personal skating rink, to always knowing the fastest way to get to the Rideau Centre, nobody knows the Ottawa core like you do. As more of your friends are moving closer into your neighbourhood to be closer to work and school, they know to always come to you for advice - who better to ask than you?

In the mood to reminisce? Here are 10 telltale signs you grew up in downtown Ottawa.

1. You’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve faked sick to avoid commuting to your friends’ houses.

Barrhaven?... I might have a cold.

2. And when you do visit, you just can’t understand why they live there - what do they even do for fun?

3. You’ve spent 90% of your time at Rideau Centre.

Shopping with mom? Rideau. First date in middle school? Rideau. Skipping school with friends? Rideau. Hanging out with friends? Rideau.

4. The special type of frustration you feel every time you go out of your way to tourist family to the Parliament Hill.

Because you see it literally everyday.

5. You’ve tried to convince your school teachers to let you walk home from every field trip.

Please don’t make me go back.

6. “Can we crash at your place after?” is a question all too familiar to you.

All your friends are from Barrhaven, Orleans, or Kanata. I love you guys... I guess.

7. And you become especially popular during Bluesfest.

You’re basically the designated home for your squad at this point.

8. You’re protective of your neighbourhood, which gives you have a love-hate relationship with Canada Day.

So. Many. People. Please. Go. Home.

9. You’ve never really needed to take the bus, but in true downtown fashion, you do it anyway.

*Gets on the 95 to go from Kent to Metcalfe*

10. No Ottawa Shawarma slander will be tolerated.

Ever. We knows whats up when it comes to Shawarma.

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