OC Transpo bus schedule isn't the only thing we find annoying here in Ottawa.

We may be super nice here in this city, but we do get irritated by little comments that make no sense. We've heard it all before and it's just a reflex now to roll our eyes and walk away. We can only be asked so many times about Justin Trudeau before we start to resent this entire city.

So please, take note of these super annoying things people say to Ottawans, and steer away from asking them if you don't enjoy sarcastic comebacks.

1. "So you speak French?"

Just because we're bilingual does NOT mean we all speak French. Au revoir!

2. "Wouldn't you find more jobs in your field in Montreal or Toronto?"

I mean, probably? Should I just pack up and leave now that you said that?

3. "Have you met Justin Trudeau?"

For the millionth time, he doesn't just walk in the middle of Rideau Centre shaking hands with everyone. He actually does do work. And sometimes hikes on the weekend.

4. "Not sure why you hate Ottawa. I've visited a few times, I loved it!"

Wow! That's great! Now live here all your life and you'll change your opinion :)

5. When friends come to visit: "So what can we do for fun?"

I'm not sure I'm cut out for this kind of pressure. How do you feel about SkyZone or The National Gallery of Canada?

6. "We were thinking of going downtown on Canada Day!"

Were you also thinking about suffocating? No thanks. Maybe it's fun when you're 12 or in high school. Let's find a house party instead.

7. "I'm a Habs/Leafs fan."

Are you proud? No one even brags about being a Sens fan. Stop.

8. "Let's go see the Parliament Buildings!"

Or we can look at a picture of it and get the same amount of pleasure. 

9. "It's not even that cold out."

Stop. We know when it's cold out. We've experienced cold. Let us complain.

10. "Stop calling it Corel Centre/Scotiabank Place. It hasn't been that for years."

Then stop changing it so damn often? I'll catch onto the Canadian Tire Centre as soon as it changes again.

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