Every group of friends is unique in their own way, and they all have stuff they love to do together. One group could love going out every night, partying till all hours of the morning and channelling the Kardashians style wise. The other could love staying in, ordering food and catching up over coffee at a local coffee shop. Whatever you like to do with your squad makes your friendship that much stronger.

However, sometimes it's fun to switch it up a bit! You may think of your squad as just a normal group of friends that likes to go to the mall, go to the movies, and out for dinner. But if you think about it, there is always something you love doing together. Whether that's going on a lot of trips, seeking out adventure, or taking advantage of the weather no matter what the temperature.

So here are 10 things to do in Ottawa for every kind of squad: 

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1. The daredevil squad

What to do: Travel a little outside of Ottawa to go on the most thrilling jump of your life

Where: Great Canadian Bungee

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2. The travel loving squad

What to do: Feel like you're in Europe without breaking the bank

Where: Moscow Tea Room

via @ocracademy

3. The athletic squad

What to do: Get your sweat on and build muscle while acting like a kid

Where: OCR Academy

via @kshap17

4. The foodie squad

What to do: Eat the craziest, most unique foods during a 12 course meal

Where: Atelier

via @tyleryorke_

5. The nature loving squad

What to do: Paddle boat the afternoon away while getting some vitamin D

Where: Dow's Lake

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6. The squad that likes the finer things in life

What to do: A night out where you feel like you're not in Ottawa, and can have a glamorous but low key night

Where: Mezzanotte Bistro Italiano

via @joselidrum

7. The music lover squad

What to do: Check out the amazing live music while partying it up

Where: Barrymore's

via @allycard

8. The health freak squad

What to do: Eat an unreal healthy meal, along with a yoga class after

Where: Pure Kitchen/Pure Yoga

via @hannahkgm

9. The squad that is always bored

What to do: Go on an Ottawa scavenger hunt that will take you all around the city

Where: All around Ottawa!

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10. The chill AF squad

What to do: Catch up over coffee, relax somewhere other than someones house

Where: Quitters Coffee

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